Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Doggy Park

I'm alive and mostly well.

Weather has been pretty darn cold at night, but nice, warm and toasty during the day. 

Lately, I've been doing lots out of the ordinary. 

It's midnight and I am ready to drop in bed. 

I've met some really nice folks here, been in this mobile park for 7 weeks now. Everyone keeps asking me what my future plans are. 

I have no idea.  Just waking up alive seems like such a major accomplishment. 

Went to the new doggy park at Fay Lake Wilderness Park in Port St John, Florida. It was huge and nicely fenced in. The fence was very tall, like they are fencing in giraffes. Brevard County seems to have some really nice parks and lots of them too. 

At first my little Harley was bewildered, ignoring the other dogs, while he checked out the new park.  It had trees and bushes, lots of things for him to sniff over.  Next he made fast friends with the other canines.  After an hour, he decided he was an old hat at this place, so he began enthusiastically greeting dogs and their handlers at the gate, as if he was the welcome committee.

When someone started a game of fetch, he readily joined in, at first snatching up all the toys, because he is super fast at running.  Then he did something that surprised me. 

He actually kept going for the chase, but letting other dogs grab the toy. Several times he could have snatched it away before they even had a chance. But he did an extra loopy loop, to give another dog a chance at grabbing the toy. 

I thought that was so cute. He's learning to share. He does exceed well at playing nicely with others.  

As for his pet parent, I had a blast too, meeting some super nice folks who seemed to be the regulars. Even met a couple who used to live on a sailboat in the Caribbean, and they knew all my old stomping grounds, so we had fun exchanging sea stories. 

I almost feel like I had met the woman before, somewhere in the islands. Everyone seemed to sit as a group together in the middle of the park, while our canine kids played around us.

Someone had a new poodle there, who was just a puppy. She was so soft and squishy, like a teddy bear.  

It was discovered by one basset hound, that I had left my training treat bag on my leash, so I had to give her treats, then the rest got treats too. Another pet parent also showed up with treats and handed them out to all the doggies. 

It was great fun all around.  Three hours later, I got ready to leave, but Harley wanted to stay. I had to scoop him up, carrying him out to the motorhome. I hitched up his safety harness in the passenger seat. He was asleep in 10 seconds. 

We drove to the grocery store, he barely opened up an eye, then went back to sleep while I shopped. 

It was a fun outing, I hope we get to go again, but I've had so much work to do.  

Also, I've been taking care of something very, very sad, on behalf of someone else. It's super draining, emotionally.   

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