Saturday, March 19, 2011

From A Fool By The Light of the Super Full Moon

How to find a crazy mermaid...
This picture was taken January 2011 at Wickham Park Campground in Melbourne, Florida
My friend who came to join me on a 10 day trip, drove his car and met me here.
He said, it was EASY to find me...
If the band is marching one way, I'm beating to a different drummer, going in another direction.
I have no idea why I see the world differently, but I do, and it's FUN!
Since he made such a big deal about me being parked perpendicular to  the rest of the crowd,  I took a picture.
By the way, I am on only ONE lot, not two.  The road behind the motorhomes is curvy.
The utility posts are spaced a tad erratically.
When the park ranger who checked me in, who assigned me this lovely spot, drove by later, I waved and smiled enthusiastically at him.
He slowed down, looked at how I was parked, waved back, then rolled his eyes and drove away.
I parked that way for a week, on about day 4 my friend arrived, then a few days later we went to another park. 
That was then, this is now. Confused?  I live in a state of confusion...  Sometimes I put that on an application when they ask for "State", I put "Confused". 

The computer ate my last post. I hate that. So I have to start all over...

I spent last night at a truck stop!  My first time doing this. 

On the way up here, I forgot to put a clothes pin on my paper towels. They unfurled leaving a great big pile in my kitchen floor. 

I traveled by the light of the super moon last night. It was awesome. Reminded me of the many nights I sailed offshore by the light of a full moon. 

The picture above, is from my camera that has been holding my pictures hostage for nearly 3 months. I lost the cord to it, searching my motorhome high and low for it.  I have two old cameras, both were graciously donated by readers. Talk about wonderful angels!  So I felt horrible, when I lost the cord to one. 

Well, I flipped my mattress up, the other day,  to do a project.  Underneath the mattress was my lost camera cord, a ponytail hair band, a bobby pin, a doggy treat, a dog bone, a candy wrapper (chocolate of course), 2 pieces of popcorn and some cracker crumbs.   

My gosh, I had no idea the dog and I were such slobs! Did he bury these things there?  I have no idea. 

But I was THRILLED to see my camera cord. I have no idea how or why it ended up under my mattress. Another mystery unsolved...

The dog is well trained to never touch my cords of any kind. So I can't blame him, exactly. However, a few months ago, I was seriously ill.  Maybe I was in bed with my computer and camera, downloading pictures. I do not normally ever work on my computer in my bed, except if I am sick and cold.   

I may have been in bed on top of the mattress warmer (the cord was lost in January 2011 when it was cold) and perhaps I did work on the computer in bed with the camera cord, then fell asleep. In my thrashing around, maybe the cord slipped between the  mattress and wall, working it's way underneath the bed.

Or maybe the dog was burying a treat or bone, (both were found under the mattress) and the cord slipped down with his activities. 

More later...

I've got to hit the road, I've been in this truck stop since midnight and it's noon now, so maybe I should shuffle along. Oops, it's almost 1pm. Somebody changed the time around, and I am so confused about it now. So it's either 12 noon or 1pm, or 11am or 2pm.

Help!  I need a calendar to keep up with the days, even if I can't keep up with the time. 

My spell heckler hasn't worked lately, bare with me here...

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