Friday, March 11, 2011

Startling Surprises

Nine Month Gasoline Averages in USA
Titusville, Florida is c-c-cold wet, windy and rainy today. The air show is supposed to be this weekend.  They seem to be practicing already. 

I don't have a TV yet, (way down on the "wish list") so I miss out on current events, like DUH the space shuttle Discovery landed yesterday. I was working away when there were two huge KA-BOOMS that shook my wheel estate like an earthquake, giving me quite a fright. 

Well, silly me, it was the sonic booms of the space shuttle coming in for a landing. I know there is news on the internet, I am just swamped with working,  trying to keep body and soul together, so I don't have time to read the news. Most of it is super depressing.  I have enough depression in my life, so I avoid it pretty much, in favor of positive things. 

The space shuttle program ends in June. Rather sad, the U.S. officials claim we can't afford it anymore. 

Well, no wonder with current fuel prices spiraling out of control.  

How can gas and diesel  go up each and every day?  

Are the filling stations getting topped up that quickly that their costs are skyrocketing that fast?  How long does it take a tanker to cross the ocean to reach us?  Is our fuel being held HOSTAGE?  
72 month Gas Chart

I truly appreciate all my readers, and subscribers, both paid and unpaid.  The subscription money goes towards my recovery.  I can't even begin to figure out how to thank you all enough. Life is GOOD! I'm alive!  

I shall do my best to get well, stay well and keep on writing. 

Except yesterday. 

I was almost viciously attacked. It truly frightened me, sent me into quite the flutter.  

It started out so nice. My friend and her doggy, invited me to ride with them to the new dog park, since I had been there before and she had not.  I was the navigator and a passenger. WOW!  That sure felt great. My canine kid had to show off, he was on his very best behavior in her car. Good boy!  While her dog was bouncing around the car, my pooch was sedately sitting down.  I was a proud pet parent when my friend commented that my little fellow was being so good. 

We got there, all the dogs were fun and playful, as were their owners, EXCEPT one guy and his three rotten dogs. 

I was being friendly, saying hello to the other people, some I had met on my first visit there last Sunday. I said "Hello" to a man standing nearby, as he was the first one I passed by, on my way to the group of chairs, where the other pet parents were lounging. 

Suddenly I JUMPED, because this little dachshund barked really loudly at my ankle, while trying to bite me! I began backing up pretty rapidly, watching the ankle biter, who was getting louder and louder, chasing me, snapping his jaws in a threatening manner just millimeters from my skin. It really did have me  freaked out, I was expecting friendly dogs and people at the  dog park.  His pet parent yells at me "Stop running!"  

What?  And let his dog tear my leg apart?

"Please come get your dog!"  I smiled and said it rather politely, as I was retreating rapidly, being literally hounded by this vicious little dog. 

Can you believe I had to ASK him that?  

He counters with "My dog is just being protective!"  

Meanwhile, my little dog runs over to see what's going on, and the dachshund tore after him, first my dog barked back, then he ran for cover when the dachshund snarled at him as if to bite him.  Finally the pet parent gets his horrible little dog, I go over to see about my dog.  I pick up my precious baby, *awwwww*  who looks very bewildered and scared. He is shaking like a leaf in a tornado.  I can feel his little heart racing away. I comfort him, talking sweetly, as his heart slowly decelerates. We were both ruffled. 

Meanwhile my friend's dog (who I rode with) has decided he wants to be in his owner's lap for safety and comforting. Matter of fact, all the dogs have quit playing and are hovering anxiously near their owners. 

I calmed my pooch down, then put him back down to play. Well incredibly, the same guy, who has brought 3 ill-mannered dogs, well now his two other dogs come running over, one snapping with his teeth after my ankles, the other after my dog. My dog ran off and hid, so the other one turned on me, I have two dogs after me now!  I am trying to get away from these snarling, barking, snapping dachshunds and their owner is once again, yelling at me to stop running!

I ran after my dog, with these other two coming after me, grabbed him up, and together we climbed on top of the picnic table. By now the group is watching with their jaws wide open, most of their dogs are hiding behind them or in their lap.  Nobody is playing anymore.  The guy with the 3 naughty dogs, is telling all of us, we don't know how to act around his dogs. 

So I broke the silence and said in a calm voice, "I wasn't expecting such aggressive dogs,  to be let loose in a public dog park!"

The owner of the snarling, snapping, barking dogs, said he brought his dogs here to train them. 

This started the other owners  mumbling now, that aggressive dogs do need to be retrained, but somewhere else, besides a public dog park, where it's fenced in and the dogs are allowed to roam freely. 

The man stayed another 20 minutes or so with his snapping, snarling, barking dogs while he repeatedly told them to shut up, but they ignored him completely.  He leashed them up, then would turn them loose again. His dogs started a whole new ruckus which sent all the pet parents scrambling to break up the fight and rescue their dogs. 

Finally the man announced he was leaving. Once he left, you could feel the peace back in the air. The dogs relaxed, began playing with each other and the toys. The pet parents then went on to discuss, the idiot and his dogs. 

Someone said dachshunds are overly protective, but I have a dear friend in Ohio, with two dachshunds, and she has them very well trained. Harley and her dogs were best buds, the month we stayed in the campground with her and her dogs last summer.  So I don't think it's a breed problem, I just think the owner needs to train or retrain them, to behave. Perhaps a public dog park is not the place he should have chosen to do that. 

As for me, I am just SO glad his naughty dogs didn't bite me. Just because I own a dog, doesn't instantly make me immune from dog bites. 

I've fought so hard this past year to barely stay alive, a dog bite would not be good at all. 

Where someone else might recuperate rapidly, for me it might be slow going as I toil so hard at beefing up my system. Not all pet parents are conscientious of keeping their dog shots up to date. So I am just grateful nothing bad happened. But now I will be leery of the dog parks, and be on alert for idiots and their ill-mannered dogs, before I get too comfy. Maybe I am being harsh here, but I was frightened!  

My dog is so tiny, he can unintentionally pose as a mere hors d'oeuvre for an aggressive dog, yet he isn't intimated by big breeds at all. Dachshunds are not big dogs, but these three were incredibly vicious and aggressive. I don't understand why their daffy owner had not NOTICED this before. 

I've noticed similar problems in campgrounds and RV Parks, people bring their pets which are sometimes not socialized at all. Dogs CAN LEARN to be socialized. If a dog isn't socialized, able to get along well with others, they surely don't belong in dog parks and public places like campgrounds and RV parks. Perhaps they need training or retraining. 

There is a wealth of dog training books and videos on the market.   If all else fails, there are professional trainers, who can do it for you. 

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