Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life Interrupted

My laptop computer died. 

I had discovered a virus that suddenly appeared. I was working frantically to remove it. At one point the instructions for removal told me to restart the computer. I did. Well, guess what. The computer won't restart. 


At least my backups are up to date. Much of it anyhow. So no worries there. But I need my computer to continue working. I am dead in the water. What's even worse, I just committed to a freelance assignment. Nobody likes excuses, they want results!  I have to figure out a way to get up and running again. 

I pulled out an antique laptop, that limps along with several things wrong with it. I say antique because it is well over 10 years old. It works at the speed of a sleepy turtle. Multitasking is not allowed, it's a one-thing-at-a-time computer. Actually, I just checked and this computer was introduced in 2002, so that makes it only 9 years old. 

My laptop that I use for business was introduced in 2006 but purchased as a refurbished product in 2010.  I chose that because it was very economical and it ran on XP, as do all my programs. I didn't want newer windows and be forced into buying new programs, so it made sense, plus the price was right. 

On this 2002 model, if I wait 3-5 minutes, web pages eventually load. If I start a new program, it loads in about the same time. Yesterday I wrote about the rest of the world being so fast, while I was so slow. Now, I've been put in my place for sure!

Well, my blog may go on hiatus while I search for a computer repair place. I guess I'm moving back to the truck stops too. 

Life is so funny. 

Every day is the dawn of a new error...

I plan to just pack up the computer mess, concentrate on repairing the motorhome.  My rent is up here Saturday morning, I was going to stay a few extra days, as I don't have to be anywhere until April 1st, when a super important appointment comes around.  I am currently about 280 miles from there. There aren't any major towns between here and there, so I may have to detour to find a computer repair place, if I don't figure out a miracle. 

Well, this super slow computer has certainly humbled me. The only reason I've been riding around with this antique computer is because it's great for playing music or movies and not much else. The built in touch pad works erratically, so it's rather cantankerous to use. I feel total guilt if I use my main laptop for anything besides working, so using the old one for movies or music, made sense to me. Now I am limping along trying to work on it, but the slowness is just too frustrating. 

How embarrassed I am to complain about slowness, but when it comes to work, I like to speed along, making every minute count.  It's just when I am not working, I love to proceed at a slower pace, soaking up every beautiful moment of my daily life. 

You can reach me by phone, but lately it's  like playing basketball in soft cement. 

Oh and until Saturday, my phone works randomly, some sort of local tower problem they haven't sorted out. 

I guess you could say, I'm out of touch...

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