Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Speed On Past Me

Silly me!  I was driving exactly 15 miles per hour, per the speed limit sign, but incredibly, I counted  six cars, including one towing a camper, that raced around me, in their haste to get there ahead of  me. Why bother having speed limit signs when they are largely ignored?  I guess I was the only one enjoying the 15mph speed limit, soaking up the sheer beauty of the roadside treats. I remember when as a child,  this road was paved in sand and seashells. I miss that. I am sorry they felt the need for speed , to put this ugly blacktop down to drive upon. But nobody asked me either. Still, I feel sorry for those rushing around me. They missed all the glorious treats, nature has to offer. 

Tired, so tired. No fair, I have so much I want to do. 

My latest alternative treatments, is suddenly enabling me to sleep hours at a time. That is pure heaven. I used to get up every hour or so, waking up for the 10th time at dawn, in sheer frustration.  Sometimes by 4am,  I would just go ahead and get up, pour some coffee down my sleepy self, starting my day. 

Often I would succumb to an afternoon nap, other days I felt guilty. Then I would tell myself, if you don't hurry up and get well, there won't be other days. So I rest.

My sick friend left unexpectedly after barely being here 24 hours. Everyone is in such a big awful rush these days. I'm flattered they drove 250 miles to see me, I dropped what I was doing to visit, cook and nursemaid them. But all I could recommend or offer  was my various alternative treatments, for their current ailments.  I don't have a medicine chest full of drugs to help with much of anything at all.  

My friend scoffs at alternative treatments, telling me I am an absolute fool not to be at the constant mercy of the doctors and drug companies. My friend is seeing over a dozen specialists, yet incredibly, he keeps getting worse, instead of better. 
I read in an RV forum, that once you got a motorhome, you would always want another one that is newer, bigger and fancier.
I look at this newer bigger motorhome, up for sale,  and lament at the teeny tiny sparse windows.
It looks like it was designed to keep the world out, not let it in.
I love my current wheel estate with big jumbo windows to view my surroundings.
I'm happy with old, simple, small.
My motorhome has 12 windows and I am grateful for each of them!

I'm a tad worried I might catch what they had, so I am cleaning and sterilizing my wheel estate. But I find myself very tired.  I think it's just my body warning me to use rest and sleep as a method of healing. 

Even the dog seems wore out. My friend doesn't like dogs, but he knew I had one. My dog was trying his best to be friendly, while my friend shoved him around whenever my puppy tried to greet him. I had to remind him my little dog is only 6 pounds, not something to kick and throw.  My dog assumed if you've come in his home, you've come with good intentions to be nice to him. So now my puppy is confused. I'm confused. We are plowing through this morning in a fog of confusion. 

My friend was so sick, it reminded me of the horrible food poisoning I went through recently. At least that is what I think it was. I ate that fast food with my friends, then became horribly sick for the next 48 hours. My friends ordered a different meal from me, they seemed fine. I know being sick at their home, was no picnic for them or me. 

I tried to nursemaid my sick friend.  He did say he had been eating mountains of junk food and fast foods. That's primarily his diet. At least here, he had healthy food for 24 hours. 

Fast food is addicting. It's full of sugars and chemicals to make it addicting. Those fast food chains, need your money, need their profits. Your health is of no concern to them, repeat customers is their only focus. I read labels and ingredients. It's horrifying what the powers to be put in our foods. It certainly fuels the medical community nicely though. Eat junk, get sick, be forced to pay for pricey health plans, expensive drugs, soaring medical costs. It's an endless circle. Doctors and health care plans do not promote healthy eating as a way of curing ills or preventing ills. You are left out in the cold, if you want to eat healthy and get well that way.

I know so many people who are a slave to their drugs. There is one popular dug for reducing cholesterol. It seems everyone I know is taking that drug with horrible side effects. Wouldn't it be easier, to just eat healthy and avoid the awful drugs?  But taking this cholesterol lowering drug, enables them to eat all the junk they want that raises cholesterol. Then they take drugs to lower it again. It's mind boggling to me. But my alternative treatments are mind boggling to others. 

Coming back to America has been so hard on me to realize that I am still slow, while much of  the rest of the world is racing around on high octane fuel, with no time to slow down and enjoy life.   Sometimes I feel like I should come up to speed, other times I think not. 

I'll just be happy in my slow weird way while the rest of the world rushes past me. 
Camping World graciously allowed me to park overnight in their parking lot a few days ago. 
I was also able to buy a few needed parts for my wheel estate from them. 
We were near a loud noisy bar, so we were treated to free music entertainment too!
What luck. 
Before sunset, the dog and I walked the neighborhood, looking for patches of grass he could water.

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