Monday, March 07, 2011

My Toilet Is Being Held Hostage

I'm sinking the motorhome!  I've got a mystery leak. Something to do with plumbing. You would think that would be easy enough to find. But it's not. Just a puddle of water under the dining booth seat. I have the motorhome torn apart,  as I've dismantled the dining booth and kitchen cabinets  to find the leak. No luck yet. I ran a fan on it all night, trying to dry it up, so I can figure out where it is coming from.

It dried up so well, the leak hasn't come back. Now what does that mean?

Am I insane or what?

Yesterday I was cleaning up the place. I like to wash my door knobs. Well, I only have one door knob.  That doorknob is on the bathroom door. The front door has a recessed latch, no door knob there.  The driver and passenger doors have typical van door latches.  The bedroom door is accordion style, no doorknob there. The shower is an opaque slider, no doorknob there either.
But still when cleaning house, it's my habit to wash doorknobs. I just happen to have only one door knob in this house on wheels.

My wheel estate!

Did you know my bathroom door is a locking doorknob?

I guess I never noticed. No need to lock myself in there. Even with company around, I tell them to turn the efficient but noisy exhaust fan on when they go in the bathroom, so it masks whatever other noises they might be making in there. Whether they lock the door or not, I have no idea. But I've never locked the door, didn't even realize it was a locking door knob.

Well, guess what.

Yep, you probably guessed. I cleaned the doorknob really well, then closed the bathroom door.

And locked myself out.


How do I do these things?  What's even worse, was I didn't notice until I really needed the bathroom door to open, because I seriously desired use of the inside accouterments.


My brand new $1 garbage can that fits in the weird little cabinet under the kitchen sink broke. I was so sad. I've searched for a year (yes, a year!)  for that unique size. Maybe it was too flimsy.

What do get for a $1 these days?

A flimsy garbage can,  that was the perfect size.

Well, the store where I bought it,  in walking distance of where I am camped,  had a few more left. I bought an identical one for $1, stuffed the cracked one inside the new one. Now I have a $2 garbage can that is much sturdier.  The perfect size.

I just keep sighing.

It's raining. The puppy looks so miserable. He should be in the movies. He can express himself so eloquently.

Yesterday I went outside with my step stool and washed over half the motorhome windows, then polished them with this micro fiber cloth, to remove all the water stains.

So today, it's pouring down rain. Mucking up my nice clean spot-free windows.

My motorhome is sinking. There is a leak I can not find from the plumbing. I just want to go back to bed, which would delight puppy to no end. But I have a mountain of paperwork to tackle.

My least favorite thing these days. But if I don't tackle it, my tires will burst from all the weight of it.

Have computers saved us whole forests and jungles  of paper, like promised?  Hell no. The powers to be now use computers to generate even more mountains of paper. Don't you just hate that?  I sure do!

It's raining so loud, I can't even hear myself think. Hmm...

Let me go tinker with that door knob some more. I'd really like to have my bathroom back.

The door knob is holding my toilet hostage!

Grrrrrrr...  (Gone from sighing to growling.)

OK, credit cards, lock picks, assorted knives, and BINGO!  My toilet has been freed from it's captor.  Yippee!  I've never been so grateful to see my little bathroom again. And it was all nice and super clean. Including the door knob. I felt like a guest.

And I found out where all that water is coming from, that is filling up my bilge. It's my enthusiastic cleaning. Apparently the rubber gasket underneath the kitchen faucet base is leaking when I clean around it. That is why the water leak in the bilge is intermittent. Some times I splash water everywhere, or clean so thoroughly that the water leaks between the faucet gasket and the sink.  Other times I don't manage to splash or clean so thoroughly there, so then the bilge is dry.

Ah ha!

I am soooooooooo relieved it's not a plumbing problem.  But one thing is for sure, I could draw my own schematics now of the plumbing in this wheel estate.

I know every square inch of it, what goes where and why.

Gosh, I sound like a blushing bride on my honeymoon. 

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  1. Your door looks so much like ours that I had to check the doorknob. I guess we're safe from the perils of vigorous cleaning, not because of our doorknob, but because of the vigorous cleaning part.



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