Thursday, April 14, 2011

Assorted Modes

Well, I'll be!  I am duly flattered when I am mentioned on another blog. *Blush!*

Cyndi from Concord, NC liked my "Follow Your Dreams"   post enough to mention it on her blog "One Day At A Time".  WOW!  Thank you, I am super flattered. :)

I'm beginning to wonder if the word is out that I am here, tucked away on the lake. 

Now, what the heck is that supposed to mean?  Well, I've had quite a few people who live on the lake, stop by to introduce themselves. 

A few others, wanted to know how I ended up camping here, unaware I was a volunteer park host, and thus provided the unique camping spot.

Today a big fancy motorcycle roared up the driveway. He introduced himself as a lake resident, who wanted to see about renting the Group Picnic Shelter for his motorcycle club.  I told him it would be perfect for that. He had never seen the shelter before, so he was duly impressed when he saw it. 

I think this shelter has an idyllic location, the lake in the background can be reached down a short trail. 

It has 8 picnic tables under an open air roof, a huge grill about 3 by 3 feet, electricity and water. It overlooks the lake with paths right down to the water's edge and has a private parking area. Restrooms are in walking distance. 

The ranger told me it was only used maybe once or twice a year. I was so surprised because it seems to me, it's a great area for a small wedding or a reunion, or a party or a motorcycle club. Maybe folks just don't know about it. It's $40 a day to rent the area, but it's secluded from the main public picnic area.  

Someone had told him it was first come, first serve, and he thought that rather odd for a group picnic shelter, he didn't want his entire motorcycle club to show up then be run off for lack of a reservation. I figure one motorcycle club can't get too rowdy, since this is a posted "No Alcohol Allowed"  park. 
Hartwell Lake, meanders around with hundreds of coves and islands, with a shoreline of nearly 1,000 miles. 

Pets are allowed though, obviously, as I arrived with my little Harley dog.  He is volunteering here too. He provides great security for the area. Which, by the way,  he did bark battle with that big  pesky crow blackbird again. Today he was stalking across the grass, just out of reach of Harley's tether. 

I've noticed that many public parks have now changed to being "dry".  Many campgrounds I've been in the past year, had "no alcohol" rules. I just assumed it was a way to toss out the rowdy folks. But I am sure all those folks carrying around coffee mugs at 5pm, weren't all drinking coffee. 

I had a drinking friend travel with me some, he likes a glass or two of wine every evening. We often stayed in non drinking parks, so I would hand him a coffee mug to pour his evening wine in. We noticed that others were often sporting coffee mugs in their hands in the late afternoon as well. 

Then a Golf Cart silently slid up the driveway. He was a lake resident, who wanted to see who was working here this year. For some reason, no one worked this post last year, but according to him, there a man with a fancy RV who worked this spot many years in a row, prior to that. 

Ah ha. I can see why too. I love it here. How did I end up at the top of the pile to get this position?  What luck!  :)  I did write a glowing letter directly to the person who makes the decisions. He called the next day, said I would be perfect for this, the position was mine if I wanted it, when could I start?  That was barely a month ago. 

Later in the day, a fabulous red sports car pulled into the driveway. I tried not to drop my jaw and drool, as I marveled over the lavish Lamborghini that just suddenly appeared before me. The man rolled down his window, started chatting me up about how did I end up in such a wonderful camping spot. 

He was  exquisitely dressed from another era. It seemed so incongruous, as if he was a time traveler. His manners were impeccable. We talked for a few minutes, then he took off again.  I watched in awe, remembering back in my younger days, I dated a dashing man, who traded exotic cars in his spare time.  Thanks to him, I got to tool around town in his exotic Lamborghini. It was fabulous fun, I must admit. 

When I least expect it, I am suddenly meeting some interesting people.   I wonder who or what will appear tomorrow. Most days no one shows up at all, but today was rather busy, and it's a Thursday.   

Mind boggling.

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