Friday, April 08, 2011

Government Shut Me Down Again?

I thought I wrote every day, so how is it I keep skipping days?  Must be the brain. Right when I think all traces of the brain injury are about gone, I start losing days again. 

Puppy perched on the driver's seat headrest and the back of the dining booth. Because he sits there so much, I put his little fuzzy blankie up there for him. (No, he's not spoiled...)  See the vertical lines in this picture?  Well, my camera went south...this was the last semi-good picture it took. 

Oh well. Whatever day it is today, I am super glad I woke up alive with my silly puppy in his little bed which sits on the corner of my bed. It's a safe place  for him, where he isn't likely to be accidentally kicked or have me roll over on him in my nightly thrashing. Besides his little bed is fleece lined and he gets cold super easy, so it gives him the added warmth he needs. Which lately, he is eating lots more food, but still skinny as ever. Nothing wrong with him, but in our new camp site, I've been able to set up a very long tether, enabling us to play ball so his little legs get in some serious running.  

He has FINALLY learned to bring the ball back each time and "drop it" so I can toss it again to him. There are big piles of dead leaves around us. One day it was super gusty. Every time the leaves would pick up and blow around, he would run from them looking terrified. The forest is moving!  The leaves are chasing the frightened puppy!  He sure fills my day with intermittent laughter. 

Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Monday the 11th is my birthday!  Yippee!  I am so excited to make it another year. I will probably just be celebrating alone, with my puppy, but still I am delighted.  Another year!  I defied all the odds and predictions of doom and gloom.  I might just live to be 100 and freak them all out. 

This mess about the federal government shutting down to make a point (and that point is???)   has me befuddled. What a huge embarrassment that American affairs have become such a monumental mess.  But not to worry, the President, the Senate and Congress will all get their paychecks timely, while others are temporarily laid off and numerous national public places close. Go figure. 

The folks that created this mess, feel no ill effects while others do. 

This is the kind of pictures my camera is now taking!  That is me camping in my wheel estate in the woods at my new volunteer position. 

Last Christmas, the government knocked me out of my workcamping job, by passing a law, outlawing RV's in the county I was working in. I was assisting disabled adults, camping on their property, so that in addition to my day help, I was available for middle of the night emergencies. (I could be in their home in under 30 seconds to respond for any urgent care.)

So just recently, very recently, I volunteered for the federal government.  Can't find paying work, might as well volunteer. The super nice part of this particular volunteer assignment, is that it came with a lone campsite on Federal land, with electricity, water and sewer, all paid for by the government. I'm not even in a campground, so it's just me and puppy sitting here in the woods on a lake, volunteering our services to the government. Puppy takes his duties super seriously too. 

So if this federal shutdown comes to pass, and my utility bills land on some bureaucrat's desk, and they don't get paid in time, will I be sitting here with no water or power?  So today I am topping up my water tank, just in case. I feel the urge to go top up my fuel tank, as I am not sure I even have enough to fire up the generator. My system requires something like a half tank of fuel just to start the generator, then it automatically shuts down when I reach 1/4 tank. That is so you have gasoline leftover to drive out to the station to top up again. All this was designed by the manufacturer, it wasn't my design. 

I woke up to 54F degrees. I was running a fan and a small heater to keep me toasty in the night. It was about 60F degrees inside, but since my bed was super warm, thanks to the electric mattress warmer, I and the puppy were fine. A few nights ago, I woke up to a severe health crisis.  I think the main problem started when I fell asleep without turning the heater or furnace on. Temperatures plummeted to 38F degrees inside the motorhome. Somehow, I knocked the bed warmer off in my sleep, so my body temperature started dropping, what with the 38F degrees.  

I woke up in severe stress, another topic for another day, (It's frightening to talk about) but after turning on the heat, bundling up in extra covers and taking emergency medicine, I was more or less OK in about an hour, though scared out of my wits.  More than once I contemplated calling for help, as my condition initially seemed to worsen greatly, but I am so remote, I hated to bother 911 as I knew it would be a monumental effort, for help to arrive. So I prayed the crisis would pass on its own and that puppy wouldn't be left an orphan. Well, I made it!  I'm here!

Now it's almost 9am, 63F outside and 69F inside. Yesterday, a friend came to visit after driving about 60 miles. I made them multigrain pancakes  served with butter and pure maple syrup. This may surprise you, but honey andpure maple syrup are both beneficial to diabetics. I am diabetic and so is my friend. He is on medication, I am not, due to budget restraints, but I am on a special reverse diabetes diet, that I follow about 95% of the time. 

Afterwards, my friend volunteered to take me grocery shopping, saving me from breaking camp to drive the motorhome shopping, since I don't have car. We discovered the closest grocery store to be  about 12 miles away, so I am not as deep in the boonies as I thought.  We splurged on charcoal and burgers, since my campsite came with a nice outdoor heavy duty built-in grill that is table height. Last summer, a dear friend gave me grill utensils, so I felt super spoiled. I rarely get to eat meat, it's one of those things I slashed from the budget, but I have a cabinet full of assorted dried beans for my little crockpot.

I made us an early dinner of hamburgers on the grill. I had bought Swiss cheese for them too, but we forgot to add the cheese. The puppy had some burger too, which he devoured and loved. 

Well, I just got "the word" from the people I volunteer for that if the federal government doesn't do something by midnight, then POOF, just us volunteers will be around to work. They are bringing me keys, to lock the place up at midnight, until further word. They said I won't have garbage pickup but the water will be left on for me, but I should fill up my tank, just in case it does go off. Also, my electric will be on, until the powers to be, turn it off due to lack of payment. 

Well isn't this just peachy news!

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