Sunday, April 10, 2011

Follow Your Dreams

You don't have to convince everyone else about your dreams, you have to convince yourself to take the necessary steps to follow those dreams.  

Excuses won't get you there either. 

But if you share your dreams with folks you KNOW will be negative about them, then they will surely talk you out of your dreams.  

So keep your mouth shut. 

If you want to truly follow your dreams. 

Only discuss your dreams with folks you think will be 99% positive about them.  They might even actually help you along the way. If you don't think they will be 99% positive about your dreams, then keep your thoughts all to yourself. You need positive energy to get where you are going, not the naysayers. 

Otherwise, it's basically a lonely art, to actively pursue your dreams, plus a helluva lot of hard work that only you can do.   You may not find anyone to share your dreams with at all. That is certainly no excuse for not following through. 

It's so much easier to make up excuses than to get off your butt and do something about pursuing your dreams. 

But when you get there, when your dreams come true, that is when the others say "I wish I could have done that..."

I may be struggling to stay alive, to barely make ends meet, to battle off the big bad banks whom I owe huge payments each month,  for past medical treatments, but I am managing to live my dream, albeit on a shoestring budget. 

If you constantly put your dreams off, with loads of excuses, rather than taking steps to make those dreams happen, then will your dreams ever come true? 

They probably will. If you win a big  lottery. 

But what if you don't win the lottery? I sure didn't. Will you let that single excuse prevent you from working hard to make your secret dreams come true?

Are you willing to make necessary trade offs and often brutal sacrifices, to pursue your dreams?  Or do you think your dream lifestyle will just fall out of the sky, landing squarely in your lap, through no effort of your own?

Are you a "can do" or a "can't because..."?

Follow your dreams.
Life only comes around ONCE.
Every day you grow older, whether you pursue your dreams or not. 

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  1. amen to that one!! very true!!..sometimes it is easier to keep your dreams to yourself rather than talking about them out loud!

  2. Well I was writing that it is BETTER to keep them to yourself, ONLY sharing them with those you think will be 99% positive towards them.

    Otherwise, you set yourself up for failure, by listening to folks that tell you it can't be done or you are crazy etc.


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