Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bye Bye Bunny

I tried to capture the fool moon rising. It was rising so fast, I caught it in a blur!  Um, full moon, not fool moon. 

In the islands, we called it the fool moon, because of the famous fool moon parties, where we danced on the beach, drinking silly mushroom tea, while jamming to the live tunes of the band. Actually it was psilocybin magic mushrooms.  We called them 'shrooms for short. 

So the other night, it was just me and the puppy, out here on the pollen covered patio, dancing to the radio, wishing I was in the islands again. 

Harley has often been nicknamed "monkey on a string".  That is because he is tethered outside and he acts like a monkey...

In this case, he has learned to scramble up the back of the front passenger seat, to see what's going on outside. He keeps trying to perch up there, but he has grown so much, he just can't fit comfortably. Just the same, it's kind of funny, when he hears something outside, then races up the back of the seat, to have a look-see.  He is resting on his little elbows, I thought it was kind of funny, so I aimed the camera, then called his name and got this picture. 

Like any puppies, Harley loses his toys. His yellow tennis ball with the black paw print on it vanished one day. I figured it was hiding in the leaves around here some where on the hill. 

We went out hiking. Down hill from us, way down hill, I was picking up errant litter, trying to clean the place up from the anonymous folks who are too lazy to use a proper garbage can. So I glanced in the ditch for garbage, and there was Harley's missing tennis ball. 

I guess in the heavy rains we had recently, his tennis ball washed away, traveling through several culverts, before being spit out by this one. 

He was sure happy to find it!  We took it back home with us. 

Last night, without warning, a torrential storm suddenly hit. I flew out of the bed, racing around closing windows in the motorhome, because the rain was literally blowing sideways. 

The next morning, I went outside to set up my little work area, the table cloth was soaking wet, the canvas camp chair was soaked, yet both were in the middle of the awning. Well underneath it in the middle. 

Luckily, before I retired to bed, I had turned the awning crooked, so it would drain well. It was the waterfall coming off the awning that actually woke me up. My bed pillows were already soaked by then. I had slept right through the initial downpour. (Side-pour?)

I realized if my bed pillows were soaked, then I better get up to close all the other windows. Even the window underneath the awning, had rain coming in horizontally. 

Easter is coming around Sunday. 

A week before my birthday, a friend brought me a chocolate rabbit, stuffed with peanut butter. I was saving it for Easter.  Well my birthday rolled around, it was a quiet day here, by myself, it being a Monday, so I made myself breakfast for dinner, then called it a day. 

While in bed, playing with the doggy, well I was tossing his toys to the other end of the motorhome, he was bringing them back to the bed, then I would toss them again and so on. We do this every night, like a pair of naughty children, who can't quite get to sleep yet. 

Anyhow, all that hand tossing of the teddy bear, the bouncy ball, and the stuffed bony-bone was wearing me out. I suddenly had a craving for CHOCOLATE. 

I searched the cupboards, and while they were not bare, they yielded no chocolate. 

So back in bed, Harley and I resumed our game of I-toss-you-fetch with the toys. Then we played tug-of-war with the stuffed bony-bone. Whenever I won, I would squeak it loudly, making little Harley's ears perk up.  Then I would start the tug-of-war game again. 




C H O C O L A T E ! ! ! 

I couldn't stop thinking about chocolate. 

So the bunny bit the dust. 

All of him. 

I reasoned it was my birthday.  I had pancakes and cheese eggs for dinner, (though I did have real maple syrup. )

Now Easter is coming around. I am feeling real sheepish I didn't save the Bunny Rabbit.  

Here is home sweet home for now. My campsite for workcamping. Several chairs were put away for the storm, I just haven't put them back out yet. That rug is 9 by 12 feet, it looks so tiny on this expansive patio they gave me.  Even the Class C motorhome looks small on it. 

There is a firepit with a grill plus a grill in back that is table height.  There is a white plastic box on it. To the left is a big brown pole with hooks on it, for lanterns. The angled bench in back, is perfect for sitting, there is another bench in front, not shown in this picture. 

So if any of you RV-ers find yourself on I-85 near the Georgia and South Carolina border, by all means, drop by. I am on Hartwell Lake.  I am always up for a potluck lunch or picnic or bar-b-que. It's the south, so I always have iced tea and food on hand. The picnic table shown seats about 10-12 and my card table seats 4 when I put the rest of the chairs out. I have plenty of parking for any sized RV.  My driveway (not shown)  is a large circular pull-through, so even if you're towing a toad, no worries, or there is the parking lot nearby with jumbo spaces, since trucks with boat trailers park for the day. Drop me an email for my cell phone. Bonus points if you have a doggy that Harley can play with, he loves all dogs, all sizes. Woof!


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  1. One of my friends just came back from North Caroline, and it was a train wreck trying to get out of there. How close were you to the storms when they actually hit? Happy Late Birthday, and good luck out there in the rough!

  2. I read your blog today for the 1st time, and I think I'm gonna love it.

  3. To jie Jitsu and others...
    North Carolina was indeed a mess after the record breaking tornadoes. My little motorhome rocked and rolled all night, like a boat in rough seas.

    To Gypsy
    *BLUSH* thank you for your comment, you gave me one big happy smile!


Life is goof!