Monday, April 04, 2011

Falling Backwards

I was fascinated with this unique tree at the entrance to Colleton State Park  in South Carolina.
A visionary, planted or grafted these five oaks together, so they would grow up into this magnificent unique tree. The visionary, probably never got to see the end result of  his/her handiwork, unless they planted it as a toddler and lived to be 100. But you can just tell, by how wonderfully tall the tree is, that somebody long ago, nursed and loved this tree so that it would grow into this awe inspiring sight. 

This is what happens when you are walking backwards, while looking forwards, then trip and fall backwards with your finger on the camera button. Snap!  I had no idea I had taken this picture while laying on my back after feeling very foolish. I was moving back from the six oaks, to see how much I could grab inside my camera. I tripped on a rock, landing flat on  my back, looking at the sky. I remember holding my camera tightly, so as not to break it too, in the fall.  My puppy dog's leash was on my wrist, so he was jerked somewhat with me. Luckily he didn't mind too much. He took the opportunity to rush over and give me kisses all over my dazed  face!  Today when I downloaded the pictures, well here is the one, of me laying on the ground, looking at the sky. I got mud and muck all over me too. This campground has no laundry. My laundry is piling up!  The last four places I have camped did not have washers in the past few weeks. I walked back to my wheel estate, with mud, pine needles and leaves stuck to the back of my clothes. Call me Grace!  I sure gave the other campers something to talk about. 
This Spanish moss drips not only to the ground, but on it as well. In the background is one of the many dogwoods around here in bloom. 

Spring is in the air!  I haven't seen a pink dogwood yet, only white ones. 
Many of my pictures were all shook up. Shame too. I don't know why I tremble sometimes. Must be from the excitement of all this beauty!

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