Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gracious People

Funny weather here this morning. I woke up hot and stuffy. I poked around in the semi-darkness realizing I had closed up all the windows last night due to the stormy weather. The past evening,  the rain was so powerful, that when an incoming call came in, I had to find my earphones, so I could hear the other person talking, above the boisterous rat-a-tat of the rain on the roof. Usually I just use one earphone, but I used both, listening to my friend in stereo.  

I guess the puppy and I really warmed up the motorhome, with everything all closed up, even though the heat wasn't on, but the mattress warmer was. It sure eases my aches and pains.  Puppy, who gets cold so easily, also likes it that he can feel the heat through his little bed, that sits on the corner of my bed. 

I never thought I would be the type to share my bed with a dog.  In my past, I had only large dogs.  My bed was always forbidden territory, which puzzled the dogs, since the cats were allowed on the bed.  The cats of course loved to give the dogs a smitten look, when ensconced on the pet parent's bed. 

Now that I have this tiny pooch who is trying to push a full 7 pounds, but no where near  there yet, he is actually smaller than most cats.  The first night he stayed with me, he took a running start down the aisle of the motorhome, then literally flew up on my bed, quite delighted with his accomplishment. So I broke the rules. Puppy dog is allowed on my bed. 

Last evening, he was deeply concerned, when he saw me picking up all his toys outside, bringing them inside. He gave me that sad look of "We're leaving here, aren't we."  His face became even more somber, as he saw me clean up the patio, putting everything away, back in the motorhome basement, then furl up the awning. He was now very convinced we were breaking camp. He always looks so sad when we get ready to depart, yet when we arrive in our next campground, he is overly enthusiastic, running and jumping from window to window, inspecting the new place, until I finally let him outdoors to check out our new temporary home. 

I know he loves it here. He has a huge tether, that lets him roam the patio, the small grassy lawn, the woods, plus the driveway. I take him on walks around the forest and the lake, he of course loves this. Initially I gave him two toys to play with outdoors. But since the weather has been wonderful most days, the motorhome door is wide open. I often set up my work to do outdoors, at a card table, under the awning. Having the door open, makes it easier to scurry back and forth when I need a drink or a restroom break. He would sometimes wander inside, dragging his tether,  snatch up another toy and relocate it outside. So last night as I searched for his toys outside, I picked up 2 teddy bears, 1 bo-bo, 2 large tennis balls, 1 small tennis ball,  1 bouncy ball, 1 squeaky ball, 1 golf ball, 2 different Frisbees, 1 hippopotamus, 1 football, 1  pacifier, 1 squeaky ladybug, and 1 half-monkey. That makes 16 toys in all. Most were gifts from friends, both canine and human. He is one busy puppy!

He cherishes his toys, even though he fights with the teddy bears and sometimes rips the others apart. A visiting canine critter, ripped his monkey to pieces, I threw them all out except one large chunk, so that is how he ended up with half a monkey. Even his football is now missing a large chunk, he tore off one day.  He doesn't eat his toys, just sometimes rips them apart, so I have something to do, picking up the remaining pieces. Recently, I did spend a whole $1 on him, buying him a thick  rubber squeaky ball, that he has yet figured out how to tear apart. Sometimes while I am writing, he is squeaking the ball, trying to see how many different notes he can hit. Depending on how he bites it, it makes different off-key sounds. 

One day we were both inside, when someone came up to the campspot with a question. I stepped outside, leaving the puppy inside. The visitor looked around the yard at all the toys, then asked enthusiastically "How old is your child?"  I blushed and said, "He's a 14 month old puppy."  They laughed and said it looked like I had a toddler with me. 

I've been up three hours, this morning,  he is still snoozing. He sleeps a lot. I went to check on him a few minutes ago. He opened his eyes at half mast, then rolled over, presenting his belly for me to rub. I acquiesced, while his eyes slowly closed again in pure bliss. 

First I was hot, now I am cold. It was 70 when I got up, it's 62 now. Very odd the temperature is dropping as the day progresses, it's now 9:30am in Georgia. Even though a crummy day on the lake is forecast, 8 hearty boaters, launched their boats at daybreak across from me. 

I can see the boat ramp from my bedroom window, so I often pull the shade up, whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, to see what's happening at the boat ramp. It's open 24 hours, with an honor box for boaters to pay their launch fee, if they aren't displaying an annual permit. 

The color of the lake keeps changing. I am not sure how that works, will have to study on that. I can see ripples as the wind dances on the surface. 

Even though I cleaned the patio yesterday, it is a royal mess today. Pollen and leaves everywhere. BIG thick gobs of pollen and piles of wet leaves.  It looks like a mini-tornado came by here. The table is flipped over, about 20 feet away, the chair is laying on its side, about 30 feet from where it started out, the 9x12 foot rug is crumbled up, blown 10 or so feet away,  thebig  rocks that were holding it down are missing in action.  

Now I am c-c-c-cold. 

The other day I met a really nice man who rode up on a big nice Harley motorcycle with some questions about renting the group picnic shelter. We ended up chatting, as he explained to me, he lived in another cove at a lake house. He also told me he owns a Fifth Wheel toy hauler.  For you non-Rv-ers, that's a type of travel trailer with a built-in garage door in back for loading up your toys to go with you. Such as a motorcycle. 

While he was looking around my campsite, he asked about my car. What car?  I don't own a car. I just break camp and drive the motorhome when I have to go somewhere. 

He mentioned that must be a pain in the elbow when I have to go grocery shopping.  I said something like, well it beats the alternative of going hungry!  

The phone rings this morning. My new friend has called to inquire if I would like to go grocery shopping with him. WOW!  Southerners are wonderful!  Of course I said yes. 

Grocery shopping is at least 30 or so minutes away. There is nothing but tiny rural communities around here and small towns. 

It makes me lonesome for my good friend Cheryl in Ohio. I met her at a remote campground. One day I was cleaning up my campsite, to get ready to break camp, in search of a grocery store. I was out of everything. I had arrived at the campground during a horrific storm, with few supplies on hand. Well almost. I still had a can of beets, some pasta and a few carrots. My campsite was not level, so I was parked on leveling boards to even things up. So breaking camp, to go round trip, to shop and back,   was going to be a bit more of a hassle, but hey that's life, when you don't have car. 

She graciously offered to let me ride with her to the stores, in her car.  She had a big beautiful fifth wheel in the campground for the summer season. I ended up spending about 5 or 6 weeks in that campground, it was so lovely, stuck out in the country, with two small lakes, one for fishing, one for swimming. I showed up for an overnighter, then stayed another and another, then I asked the owner for a monthly discount and paid that to stay on for a month.  On the weekends, it swelled with campers, on weekdays, it was often just me and Cheryl and our dogs, who loved to play together. We took long walks several times a day, to let our dogs exercise and play. It was an enchanting carefree time.  

We had great fun every week going to peruse the stores.  She knew where the bargains were, so my pantry filled up with some tasty discounted foods. I was hoping to go back up there this summer, but they don't offer any workcamping opportunities and well, I needed to workcamp somewhere, so I ended up here in Georgia, of all places. 

Angels looking out for me. What luck!

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