Saturday, March 24, 2012


Be right back

Taking a break.

Pardon my mess. 

Work in progress.

That is not a blue stripe, it is removable painter's tape in anticipation of adding the Eternabond Roof and Leak repair tape in a more or less straight line  to fix the cantankerous leaky window. This stuff has such aggressive adhesive applied, that you only have ONE chance to lay it down right.  It's not like a sticky note. You can not reposition it, once it is applied. 

We used up all I had on hand, then I was forced to buy some from an RV shop, but I ran out again. I ordered more from Amazon, where it was less than half the cost of what the RV shop charged me. *sigh*  Live and learn. I should have checked first, but I wanted to knock out the repair while I had help. Actually my friend did a good bit of the donkey work. 

He has a very colorful vocabulary when he works. My ears turned red. 

You light up my life. 

I bought one of these night lights. It has an on/off switch.  The shade rotates around to where you need it. 

In my wheel estate, 4 of my electrical outlets are installed under the overhead cabinets. Several of my 12 volt light fixtures are installed under the overhead cabinets too, but away from the 110 outlets. Sometimes the 12 volt lighting is too harsh for my tired old eyes, but still I would like to be able to see around the place at night. 

Above is one of my  overhead outlets, underneath the upper cabinet with the new nightlight plugged in and turned on. Woo hoo!  It provided such nice ambient lighting, I bought 5 more, now all 4 upper outlets have a tiny light and the 2 other outlets in my bedroom have a night light. One outlet is located near the floor, the other in a dark corner about halfway up the wall.  When I turn them all on at night, it gives the wheel estate really nice ambient lighting. 

When I go to bed, I turn them all off again.  Waste not want not and I don't need to sleep with the lights on. 

It's kind of sexy lighting, so watch out!  Sexy mermaid on the loose...


  1. You smurfed your MH!!! Haha. I did my entire RV last spring, almost a year ago actually. It was a big job, but I had the blue painters tape around seams, windows, etc. A friend dubbed it the "smurf mobile".
    OK, so now I know I really need to get off my butt & redo my other windows to show folks how to repair a leaky window. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to the overhead window, but to the others.
    I take my RV back this Tuesday to (Hopefully) get my overhead window & the other issues resolved - forever I hope!
    Good luck.

  2. PS, check the clearance lights too. Be sure they are all caulked around them. I had to redo all mine last year as well.


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