Friday, March 09, 2012

RV Budgets (Part Two)

You can get $60 or more per year in free RV supplies and food. Yep, you read that right. I am living proof that I got over $60 in free RV supplies and food last year. Last year they ran this promotion at least once a month, and sometimes twice a month. 

Five Dollar Coupon For March 10, 2012 Only

For you budget enthusiasts, or if you are like me and "living efficiently", here is a $5.00 coupon good at Dollar General on Saturday March 10, 2012 only. 

To print yours out, I have saved a copy for you here that is the correct size:

All you do is spend $25 at Dollar General then present your coupon for $5 savings. I use this coupon almost every month if possible. Sometimes the coupon is printed on your receipt for the next month and sometimes you have to go to their website every week or two to find out when the next $5 coupon day is. The funny thing is, the sale items qualify too. Dollar General typically has a row of something drastically reduced, you can shop  that aisle too towards your $25 purchase. 

Since Dollar General sells food and household supplies, it's pretty easy to come up with $25 in purchases of needed items without having to buy any junk at all.  Many of their prices are much cheaper than Walmart. Their stores are smaller, but well stocked. Many of their stores are located out in the country, often you can find one near your campground.  I've even bought camping supplies from Dollar General. For two years now, I've been using some $12 camping chairs I got from them. 

I also like their $3 toilet paper. It's 4 jumbo rolls of 1250 sheets on each roll. It's the good stuff, I've been using it for two years.  My bathroom cabinet will hold 12 rolls, so I generally keep that much around. At least if I decide to move to the middle of nowhere, I won't run out of toilet paper for a long time. 

I used to live on a sailboat in far flung ports that didn't sell toilet paper, so I am used to stocking up on certain items.  I guess old habits are hard to break. 

You can also print the $5 coupon  from their website, but it requires installing a coupon printer. I don't trust their coupon printer, so I create a restore point on my laptop. Then I install the coupon printer, then I print out my coupons. Next I uninstall the coupon printer. For good measure, I tell my computer to restore to the point before the coupon printer anyhow. maybe I am just paranoid, but I don't want any extra adware or cookies on my computer. 

To save you the hassle, I just uploaded the coupon which will print fine for you and you can use it Saturday March 10th. You may want to print several, in case you want more than $25 worth of stuff. You can always shop twice or take a spouse or buddy along. 

I often print an extra coupon and give it away to a shopper in the store. It's always fun to make somebody's day!  

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By the way, this is not a paid ad or anything. I don't make a dime off mentioning this coupon to you. But anytime you shop at Amazon through my links, I do earn a small commission. :)


  1. I travel the back roads in my RV and there is always a Dollar General around. I agree with you about buying common household items and some canned food in there stores. Some of the stores even have some milk and refrigerated items.

  2. And ice cream! :-9 I shop the DG all the time. I like that I can get in & out quickly, don't have to walk miles to shop & such. Downside is, their bagged candy is dirt cheap & I'm weak!! I buy garden gloves there & a saw & a limb snipper in case I have to do my own pruning from time to time to get the RV into spots at campgrounds. These would be spots that were left unattended by maintenance, so they threaten the sides of your RV or the roof!
    I need an umbrella...raining again...leaking again :-(((


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