Monday, March 12, 2012

A Drunken Sailor

I had no idea it would be so hard to organize my life.  Ha ha ha. 

My workamping at the Wildlife Management Area is coming to a close soon. My next assignment starts 1200 miles away May 1st. Well, not 1,200 miles as the crow flies, but 1,200 miles as a doggy and a mermaid wander in our wheel estate.

I tucker out easily, so it will take me 5-6 weeks to drive there. I figure if I drive 50-150 miles every 3-5 days, I'm bound to turn up by May 1st. 

Great planning eh?  

Go ahead and laugh!  I'm just an old sailor in a motorhome, slowly puttering along... 

But Florida has been so incredibly busy this winter season that campground reservations are hard to come by. So I ended up pouring over maps, the internet, campground books, my old log, making phone calls,  trying to sort out a plan. 

It was maddening trying to piece the puzzle together.  The campgrounds didn't have the dates I wanted so I was trying piece together the dates they had with what was further down the road. But it wasn't quite working out that way. 

So now my proposed  route looks like a drunken sailor drew it out for sure.  


  1. I think the planning and finding decent places to stay are the hardest part of full-timing and traveling between workamping jobs. Before I started out I was worried about driving, backing up and emptying the tanks, those things are easier than finding a play to stay.

  2. It is a challenge, Teri... f'sure

    DMM? I love the route thing you did. Where... what.. how.. I want to do that...

    I have the maps on my iPhone ... I suppose you drop pins... but I would love to do a trip plan like you did and ... I'm off on a quest.

    Hi to Harley! ;)

  3. Well once you pass A again to get to...uh oh, I forgot. Damn, need help driving?? Need a navigator that can read a map, but can't remember it? ;-)
    Never mind. I'm glad you found a place to move onto though & hope it's a place with great summer weather! I'm doing that soon too.
    :-) If Ellie (MH) doesn't drain my bank balance first...

  4. As a sailor for 47 years, that looks like a perfectly normal route:)


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