Sunday, March 04, 2012

Funny Flavors

Aseptic boxes are those newfangled boxes whereby the contents are sterilized and dated. You can keep them on the shelf, until you open them. Then they need refrigeration. Throughout the Caribbean, these types of boxes are sold everywhere with stuff like 100% juices, real milk, fresh Italian tomatoes and so on stored in them. For sailors, and those in far flung places, it's a life saver and a treat to have exotic things like fresh milk from the aseptic packaging. 

I ended up with both Half and Half in a box and some leftover Beef broth in a box. Both were in my fridge. Half asleep I make some strong coffee, then poured what I thought was dairy into my coffee. I did all this in the dark. I am fond of doing things in the dark. It was after all, dark-thirty. 

Imagine my great surprise when I realized I had poured a generous amount of Beef Broth into my coffee. 

It reminded me of the week I ate Cumin flavored oatmeal all week. I make up this special breakfast blend for 4-5 days in advance. Some how I managed to confuse the cumin and cinnamon. Maybe because my spice rack is alphabetical. So for a week I had Mexican inspired oatmeal every morning. I am now very careful to double check it is the cinnamon I am generously lacing the breakfast batch with. 

Today, I simply added Half and Half to my coffee which was already endowed with Beef Broth. Surprisingly, it was OK. Or maybe I was too sleepy to care. Maybe I shouldn't do things in my sleep. Like eat chocolate.

There is chocolate on my pillow case. Extreme dark chocolate. I can't blame the dog, he isn't allowed to have chocolate. (But he does eat in bed sometimes.)

The temperatures have dropped 30+ degrees overnight. It is pouring down rain. I am going back to bed. 

The camping lots are mostly small and close together at Manatee Hammock Campground on the Space Coast of Florida. However, there are a few acres of nearly unspoiled beauty to hike around and enjoy on the waterfront. While few partake of this pleasure, the dog and I hike around several times daily, soaking up the beauty. 

The camping lots are hidden under a canopy of trees.  People are friendly for the most part. Some folks have carefully staked out every inch of their spot while others are far more casual. Some lots are larger than others.  Most are level. The roads are a mix of dirt and sand with the main ones paved. Plenty of pets reside here as many snowbirds are still in evidence, having spent the entire winter in this park. 

Due to the proliferation of trees, you will want to creep around very slowly in your RV until you are parked and settled. Most people need to make several twists and turns, just to get into their lot, the way they want to be. I came close to hitting a few trees, but managed to get in and out a few times without incident. 

As soon as I am stronger, I must return to the prairie and workamping. In spite of the medical mess, and last minute changes in plans,  this has been a healing place to hang out and get well. I was so lucky they found room for me as they stay pretty booked up. 


  1. I'm glad you are at a nice place to rest & heal, both physcially & mentally. I seriously need that too. Can I come visit?? Today, I'm resealing the rubber roof. I's tired.
    Oh & I do store some of that milk! It sure comes in handy when you are in the middle of nowhere with a box of cereal. And what was it you did recently with cranberry?

  2. I wish you a speedy recovery. Glad you found a good place to heal.
    Be careful you don't do an unintentional switcheroo that's dangerous like mistaking rubbing alcohol for mouthwash or Bengay for toothpaste. I once washed my face with nail polish remover thinking it was astringent ... OUCH!

  3. What a beautiful place you have found. Sorry the weather has gone bad again. We will have that moving in on us later today into tomorrow.
    Keep up the healing.


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