Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Pray For Peace

Still on the mend here, but Manatee Hammock Campground ran out of room. My spot had a prepaid reservation coming in to take over.  I started at 8am getting organized to move back to my workamping out in the boonies. But I was just too sick. By noon, I had managed to do 20 minutes of preparation in 4 hours. So I made phone calls, finding a spot at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida. Both Manatee Hammock and Wickham Park are owned by Brevard County. They are about 27 miles apart. 

30 minutes and 13 miles later, I pulled over for a break. I just felt so lousy. After a brief rest of  40 minutes, we (puppy dog and I)  traveled the next 14 miles. I am grateful we took a rest, because I found out later, the roads we needed to access had been  temporarily closed due to a horrible tragedy. A Brevard County Deputy was shot and killed when she stopped two robbery suspects. They had stolen furniture from a cheap motel. I've heard of folks who steal toilet paper and towels from cheap motels, but to take the cheap motel furniture and then kill a cop over it? The two suspects were apprehended, both with lengthy criminal records. I am so sorry they weren't shot and killed.  Oops!  Did I just say that?

I am one of those nuts who believe that vigilante justice sometimes has its merits. The news account says the deputy was shot multiple times in the face. What an enormous tragedy. Ironically, the deputy that was killed has two sons and one daughter-in-law, all working in  local law enforcement. 

It all makes my little old problems seem so insignificant. Yet, it's also a sobering reminder that the devil lives among us. 

I thank my lucky stars I woke up alive and survived the day. 

Pray for peace.  


  1. That is terrible! I am with you, it would be a lot better if they had just shot the crooks and saved everybody else a lot of trouble.

  2. Oh that is tragic. And over hotel furniture at that. How insane is that?? Wow. Just makes you want to personally strangle people like that. I'm so sorry for her family, colleagues & friends. Just too tragic.
    I hope you feel better soon!


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