Saturday, March 31, 2012

Caught A Creep On Tape

A very creepy thing happened to me in this new campground. 

I caught a peeping tom on tape.  

Sorry my hand was shaky while filming.

That's my puppy dog barking at the predator. 

I uploaded the video to YouTube so all the world could see this creep too.

His mug shot is also posted down below the video, just scroll down. 

creep caught on tape peeping tom caught on tape by dear miss mermaid copyright by


  1. OH NO! I'm sure glad you have your dog on a leash! Guess I wouldn't be wandering around outside at night. What an experience!!!!

  2. That's a real good one! I was expecting to see a creepy looking man, but I guess an alligator could be more creepy if he gets too close. Good video.


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