Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sorry for the hiccup in posting. I've been very weak, tired and pooped.  All my energy must be going towards getting stronger. 

All work on the wheel estate has come to a screeching halt. 

Harley the dog, has been very patient, but he loves the campground because it is full of children in all ages plus dogs in all sizes. So he drags me out around the campground often, but we practically collapse when we return. 

Even as I bang this out, I am so exhausted. 

This particular campground is always full of happy people. It's been very entertaining just to watch all the chaos. 

99 pictures later of a blurry dog and finally I get one where he is awake and still long enough for a clear picture, but he looks goofy. I am so used to his one ear on duty at all times.  I can't imagine what he would look like with both ears up. I love the long fur that dangles off his ears. Hard to believe he is a strapping 6.5 pounds!  

Where I am parked now, this is the view from my front door to the path of the Indian River. 


  1. Harley looks to be be having a a good time:)

  2. Oh I noticed that view the other day with the stork & thought it looked like a nice spot. Rest & heal. Take care.
    I'm having a down day today too. Not sure why, I'm just beat though. Ellie is back in the shop for the rework of the shoddy work.

  3. The change in weather and the increased pollen has whooped me. I have been going to bed early for several nights without doing anything out of the ordinary - I've even missed reading your blog!

    Get your rest, you may have overdone it too.


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