Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Messy Life

If I skip a day posting, just assume I am back in the twilight zone, lost in cyberspace, unable to connect. Eventually something works like a phone or internet. Or maybe not. It seems not both at the same time, and certainly not if I need one or the other, if one or the other works at all. 


Me too. 

Plan B
I shall fly over the mirage find a castle in the air, penning my ruminations upon a cloud. 

Life is goof.

An earthling angel has appeared helping me finish some of my half done and undone projects.  In this case the hunk of metal around the gasoline fuel fill is getting a spray paint job to hide the rust. Bits of an old magazine are taped to the side of the wheel estate to prevent overspray. The five gallon bucket doubles as seat. Everything in my little old abode has to do double and triple duty. The board underneath the rear wheels is because the camping lot is at a slope. The motorhome needs to be level so the absorption type refrigerator is happy and cooling. Two old milk crates are stacked up with a garbage bag over them as a temporary table. 

Life is messy.

Another project on the other side of the RV makes more mess. My bicycle became an impromptu table with a cutting board atop it cluttered with doublestick tape, scissors, a box cutter, single edged blades, a rag and a tumbler of water stuck inside an insulator that reads "Living The Dream". 

Oh yeah.

Laundry has to be done. Some campgrounds don't allow hang drying outside, so I dry things indoors in the bedroom. Usually I do this overnight so I can put it all away in the morning.  Air drying clothes and towels, whether inside or outside is free. Electric or propane dryers cost money, if the park even has a laundry room at all. Some do not. I travel with a Haier compact washing machine that does a beautiful job of cleaning clothes, towels, sheets, and rags.

Doing more with less. Air is free.

Living large in a mini motorhome.

That's my shower doing double duty with more clothes hung up to dry. A few years ago I installed rods close to the ceiling and out of the way in the bedroom corner and shower stall. I hang wet laundry on clothes hangers, sometimes with the aid of wooden clothes pins. 

Hangers doing double duty as drying racks.
Life is messy.

Just ask a puppy dog who destroyed a "dog proof" tennis ball. I love that innocent look of "They just don't make dog toys sturdy..."

The padded cell. 

I thought I made up the bed nice and neatly, but this picture below says otherwise. With only 8 pillows for comfort (7 for me and 1 for the dog) I have put myself on a pillow diet. 8 is enough (but the dog often hogs 3 at a time.)  

Many RV's have a sofa that converts to a lumpy bed. I have a comfy bed that converts to a lumpy sofa with the aid of the bigger pillows.

Everything does double and triple duty in a tiny home.

Speaking of RV terms...
Some sofa conversions are called "jackknife" sofas. Back in the dark ages I slept on one for a few months and it sure felt like a jackknife sticking in my side. When I was shopping for a rolling home, every time I saw a camper with a jackknife sofa, I'd look at it and feel a twinge of pain. Life is strange. 

A basket case.

A kitchen in constant motion with dishes air drying all over the stove and tiny dish drainer plus a crockpot of dried beans simmering. Nine assorted baskets (I've been called a basket case more than once) aid in providing additional storage for spices, plates, napkins, condiments, cooking utensils, clips, notes, supplements, directions, instructions, recipes and the occasional frog. 

At least twice now I've had frogs plop aboard for a ride. No idea why they are attracted to me. I figure it's just a heavenly angel coming for a hop-a-long.

Even when the tough is going or life is messy or pain is making me crazy/crazier I try hard to remember to be super duper thankful and grateful. 

Life is goofy. I want to stick around just to see what happens next.

Today I woke up alive. 

Living the dream.

Thank you THANK YOU thank you for stopping by (and visiting my messy world.) 


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  1. You're not doing badly at all. I have a very small house with more space than an RV, but I think it's twice as messy as my RV was.

  2. I'm a far better housekeeper in the RV than I ever was in a house. I also am a better shopper because I don't buy anything I have to find a new storage inovation for. Leaving things "out" makes me uncomfortable. Clutter makes me tired. I am always happy to throw things away. I used to be a keeper. Now I'm not!

  3. i went from a 3/4 ton heavy duty van to a dodge minivan. with a little bit of crunching the mini would fit in the 3/4. had a customer who said smart move with the mini. she said i couldn't fill it full of shit. she was right.

    ice cream. raz

  4. Living small isn't easy, but it sure is fun! Less stuff to worry about. I kept my boat shipshape and ready to sail in 10 minutes, I try to keep my RV ready to roll on the inside in 10 minutes, but there is always the outside stuff to stow away if I am not returning to the same campsite. If I couldn't live outdoors as much as I do, I might feel cramped but I've always craved sunshine and outdoors.

    I like to keep my RV orderly, but projects... fixing this and that... seems to make a mess. Then it's time to clean that up too.


Life is goof!