Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Need Less

I was leaving the campground in my 1994 mini motorhome. Harley dog was busy studying the map when suddenly BAAAAAAAAAAANG CRUNCH MUNCH SCREEEEEEEECH.

Rut roh...

Another camper, in his 1986 Toyota mini RV hit reverse at full speed while backing out of his campsite.


That's how his Toyota camper crashed into us, demolishing my RV kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining booth and living area plus (just a minor detail) causing our roof to cave in on top of the wreckage. Other than that... our motorhome is fine.

Harley and I were not hurt, just shook up and frightened. 

To add insult to injury, it turns out the 1986 Toyota Camper was not insured.

Tsk tsk tsk!

Now we were in shock. 

Ironically, an old sailor friend called me up later in the day. He has been living in a nursing home because of a stroke. He said that his beloved boat was in top shape at the marina, and that Harley and I were welcome to go camp aboard as long as we liked.

Oh man, I was SO excited! Back on the water again, in a sailboat. Wheeeeee!

Another friend gave us a ride to the marina.

When we arrived the manager said the sailboat in question used to live at the docks, but they needed more room and moved it to the boatyard. They gave me directions to our new home.


Just kidding. No wreck, we are fine!

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  1. Thanks be to the Lord,YOU gave me such a fright MISS MERMAID,LOL

  2. Oh boy i got a scare there!!!!! That's a good one!!! -pp

  3. OK - you got me! I didn't read your post until today (the 2nd) so didn't even think of April's Fools!

  4. Tee hee hee...

    April fool (from a fool!)


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