Monday, March 30, 2015

Working Dog

Harley Dog wrote the blog today. 

This leash is in my way, but campground rules say I have to wear it... even while packing up the rolling dog house. I know some of you two-legged folks call my rolling dog house a motorhome or camper or caravan or RV or Tioga or Class C. Dogs like to keep things simple, we have one name for everything, not a pawful.

OK, let's see... plenty of room left in here, let me see what else I can do to hop right in and finish this packing.

I am going to pack my rug and quilt last cause that is where I lay when I need a break.

Let's see, shove this chair here, put that folding table there, my bicycle basket goes near the door, gotta keep the important stuff handy.

Oh yes, there is still a little more room back in here. I will put your folding rocker way in back.

Who put this dirty rag here? I said the important things have to go up front near the door, like my dog food and bicycle basket and teddy bear.

Come on, I don't have all day here, Fold up that chair and hand it to me. If you don't hurry up, we'll be late for my Frisbee game.

Let me hoist up my teddy bear. Come on teddy bear, we're almost done.

OK, now let me make room for my dog bed and we're about done here.

Well, folks, I am paw-sitively delighted you stopped by my blog today. Sorry, I can't type much longer, I have to finish my work and then go play Frisbee and water a few bushes that need it.

See you round the campfire!

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