Sunday, March 15, 2015

Super Sun Day

Sun is out, weather is perfect. It's just like being in Florida.

Oh wait.

I am in Florida.

Today I did the campground shuffle because I'm not ready to travel just yet. So I moved from one site to another, same campground.

The birds take advantage of the sanctuary.

 Harley on his favorite perch poses momentarily for a serious picture.

Below, he whimsically takes his teddy bear for a horsey ride. The fruit basket in back makes it appear he is hauling cargo too.

 My neighbors are avid fisher people. They gave me some fresh fish. My friend cleaned and filleted it. We cooked up a mess of fish in the fry pan with a bit of lime juice, wine, accompanied by bell pepper strips and slivered onions.  I made a homemade tartar sauce with mayonnaise, horseradish, minced dill pickle, garlic and onion. I had already cooked some dried blackeyed peas in my crockpot plus I had some leftover quinoa and some salad fixings.

There were no leftovers when all was said and done.

This pelican came calling for leftovers, but he was too late.


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