Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Indian River Lagoon

Another beautiful day in paradise, just lonely. I grieve for my brother and for many of my close friends that have left this planet for parts unknown. I trust they are having the journey of a lifetime and that their dreams are fulfilled, where ever they are.

This campground has some serious rules. No joke.

A boat down on her luck.

Water fascinates me. This is the Indian Rover Lagoon.  I am so lucky to be camping on an island in the lagoon. The only amenity I need is nature.
 Fish and fowl are plentiful.

Not sure what this is, but it followed me home.

Now and then I hope on the bicycle with my puppy dog riding shotgun in the front basket and we explore our nearby world. Luckily there is a bike path running along A1A that is separate from the traffic. There is a teeny tiny island we hike to across a wooden bridge, for some strange reason we aren't allowed to take the bicycle there. It's called Scout Island and it's shown on the left side of the picture just above the "Long Point Park" label. It's rustic. I listen to the sounds of nature.

Life is goof.


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  1. Sounds peaceful... Now at Navajo Lake State Park in New Mexico. Camping site is overlooking the lake. Hundreds of houseboats. Wait..... I think I saw a mermaid!!! Maybe you have cousins here??

    Lynn in GA

  2. so is it river or rover? or both? or something else? you know whatever. in indiana it could be all the above plus god knows what else. where i live we have e911 addresses, but no usps addresses. we have to ride our cow down to the po to get our mail. no cow no mail.

    ups and fedex have a card file(recipe cards) with our location. no computer ,a card file. apparently their it people didn't envision this happening. or something.

    by the way my robot has figured out "i'm not a robot" also the part about the cow is a joke. but the kids ride their horses in the summer.

    ice cream raz

  3. Whatever followed you home is pretty cute. I lost my sister last year at Christmas but we weren't really speaking to each other.we had a hugh agruement 2 years ago.I was with her when she passed .At least you had a good relationship with your brother.
    My son passed away 12 years ago and I think about him every day.
    Hope you find some peace in your memories of him.


Life is goof!