Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Noisy Repo Crew at 6am

It just goes to show that if you don't pay the bank, they will come find you or your stuff and take it away. Even on vacation.

I was sound asleep early this morning when I heard a horrific noise outside. I jumped out of bed to go investigate. This campground has quiet hours and the front gate is locked from 10pm until 7am. I should note that many campers bring their boats here with them. The campground has a convenient boat launch ramp right inside the campground. Also noted is that because the campground is in such a remote location, it's typically quiet shortly after the sun sets.  I am parked near the campground gate and I've never seen anyone leave or enter after it is locked though one can obtain a pass code to open the lock if need be. Of course I typically sleep a few hours at night, so it's possible that I've missed some late night or early morning shenanigans.

Across from the boat launch inside the camp is a grassy overflow lot. If your boat and trailer don't fit on your camping lot, then you can park it on the grass in the overflow space. The lot sizes here vary widely from huge to tiny. The overflow lot seeks to more or less even this out. Some folks park their cars in the overflow area so as to have more camping room on their lot. Typically a fleet of boats in all shapes and sizes is parked there as well.

Banks and finance companies routinely contract out for a repossession team. I once worked on a marine repo team, we would sneak wayward boats back to the country of origin so the lender could seize it to settle an unpaid collateral note. It was very risky work and I decided it wasn't my cup of tea in spite of the generous pay offered for completion of the job. What good is all that money if you're full of bullet holes trying to earn it? Also noted, is that if we ended up in jail in a different country while trying to repossess bank collateral, we were on our own to seek local remedies. Jail nor bullet holes appealed to me, so after one job, I found other gainful employment that was less of a risk to my freedom and body fluids.

But I digress.

6am, big ruckus in the campground with a huge powerful truck with crazy flashing lights. So much for discretion! I think half the campground woke up as I could see lights coming on in numerous campers and RV's. Everyone except the boat owner seemed awake and some (like me) were out investigating the tremendous noise these folks were making. I mean if you work for a repo team and you make THAT much noise, why not just repo in the middle of the day when folks are less likely to notice the clamor?

Let me pause here while I take time to scratch my head...

Yepper. The repo team was here at dark thirty (sun wasn't up at all) to repossess a nearly new speed boat. It took them about 30 minutes of jockeying around to tow the boat and trailer out to the camp road, then position it so as to winch it up onto their angled flatbed truck, then lower the flatbed back to the perpendicular position for driving. The equipment involved was all powerful and very noisy. I expected the boat owner to show up at any minute and start screaming and shouting, as is typical in these sorts of unpleasant cases.

But um no.

While a few campers stood around in their pajamas watching the circus and others peeked out from raised shades in their campers, a team of asset recovery specialists noisily repossessed the boat. Finally by 6:27am, the huffing, puffing, grumbling truck left, with boat and trailer on their flat bed.


So much for quiet hours in the campground.

At some point today a former boat owner is going to wake up and notice his/her beloved vessel is no longer a part of his/her life.

C'est la vie.


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  1. they may have woke you, but everybody was not out and about. everybody did not run over to get in the way.

    ice cream robot raz

  2. Not intend be a sad story. When I was about 12 growing up in the hills of TN my parents went to a store and some how was given credit and so they bought me and my sister a couple of things, well needless to say 1 month later the store repoed the items. I never have bought hardly anything on credit just my home and that was owner financed. If I don't have the cash I save until I have the money to buy what I want.

  3. Amen to saving and paying cash. It's why my little old RV is such a comfort. No payments.

  4. it's me again. i thunk but forgot to write it.also, nobody was using the boat then. probably the real reason.

    ice cream robot


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