Thursday, March 05, 2015

Random Pics of Life

Weather has been stormy, rainy and foggy just like my emotions since my brother dropped dead. A big piece of my heart fell right out leaving a giant hole behind for me to ponder.

Crossing the intracoastal waterway, I was treated to a view of this storm forming.
 The storm and the fury.

Pelicans don't seem to mind me hanging about with them.

The clean up crew waits.

A stork stops to look back at the camera.

I've never met the owner of this cozy rig, but it's always camping here when I visit.

A close up of the painting on the side of the camper.

Tropical palm trees remind me of my former home in the Caribbean.

Tiny flowers bring joy amid the weeds.
 Photographing fog is difficult.

Waiting for supper.

Afternoon siesta.

 You never know who or what is going to drop by.

 A fanciful cup holder.

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  1. Fill the hole in your heart with memories of all the love you shared, the pain will ease, it will not go away but it will get better.

  2. I am so sorry for you loss my sister passed away 12/23/14 and it was unexpected. I wasn't speaking to my sister at the time
    but I was with her when she passed. There are no words a person can say to comfort you but you have Harley and he is the best comfort you could have. I know because I have my scottie Bella and she is always there when I need a hug or a laugh.


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