Saturday, April 04, 2015

Fun With Boat Names

Recently while camping in Indiantown, Florida, I had the chance to drool over the marina. I am always hoping my old sailboat will turn up somewhere I happen to be some day. Her name may be changed by now, but I would recognize her anywhere. I didn't see her here, but I had fun with some whimsical boat names I photographed.

Grand Ole Gal (Bow)

Grand Ole Gal (stern)

Thar Be Dragons  (I've seen some at sea too!)

Can't make out the name, but the stern was interesting, maybe that is the name altered on purpose, perhaps they went to Palm Beach(es) and Back


Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Ain't that the truth! I like that indeed.)

Second Wind

Time Enough II

First Nanny

No Name but the boat was interesting

Mac (I liked the whimsical palm trees)

Gypsy Wind

Manatee Queen

La Reste (also French for Leftover or Remainder)

Need Less (look familiar?)


Never Again III (didn't learn on I and II)

Sea Bum

VH Hope (I speculate the VH is Voyage Home)

Earth's Biggest Selection
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  1. We named one of our sailboats "Roaring Forties" and had it put in a flowing script. Our kids called it the the Roaring "Farties" :(

  2. i love it on 4-3-15 you were done. on 4-4-15 you were undone. i can remember the early internet. with dial up no less. sometimes i would spend all day to get internet. the tubes back then, well i don't miss it.

    i will refrain from any remarks about stubbornness. say hi to harley.

    jelly beans. raz

  3. Roaring Farties... that is hilarious!

    And raz, it's true, I am done and undone and redone...

  4. I heard somewhere it is VERY BAD LUCK to change the name of a boat. So, its rarely done. Any truth to that?

  5. I renamed my sailboat because when I bought her, she had already been through a lot of bad luck. I decided to give her a new life and a new name. That boat went from the ugly duckling to a swan. She was my floating home in the Caribbean for over a decade. One day I will tell you more...


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