Monday, April 20, 2015

Signs of the Times

Slowly going nowhere at great expense...

I used to say that about sailing on my little old sailboat, now it seems so true in my mini motorhome.

A gray wall.

I collect photos of interesting or funny signs. 

Not sure what this is, but it followed me home.

The path less traveled.
I no longer make wrong turns or get lost. I call it whimsical sightseeing now.
Amazing what can be found around the next bend.

I think I am going to be back on the road tomorrow. See you round the next corner.

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  1. Harley looks so cute. Stay safe.

  2. I love the last photo, the one of the road tunneling through the trees. Sometimes I wish I was on that road.

  3. Harley is funny for sure! Thanks for the comments.

    Gypsy you can get back on the road, go small, go now!


Life is goof!