Saturday, April 18, 2015

Easy Street

I traveled on Friday so no time to write. Today I see it's already noon on Saturday. I am pooped. Such is life.

I am slowing down. Getting less done in more time.

But life is grand any which way I look at it. I woke up alive so it's time to be grateful for such a gorgeous day.


An angelic friend hand delivered this birthday card to me recently. (Yepper, I rolled over another big one on the self odometer recently.)

I burst out laughing, this card is so true and so funny especially for me. I am always patching something up to hold my precarious life together very often with a bit of duct tape coupled with miles of fabulous good luck and mountains of sheer optimism.

Thank you to my many earthly angels for all the well wishes I received. I am astonished and humbled.

The older I get, the less I know. Oh to be young again and know it all. 

Life is goof.

I love collecting funny or unique sign pictures. 
I guess you could say I spent my birthday on Easy Street.


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