Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hop On The Unicorn

Another beautiful day in paradise.

I often choose to see the world through rose colored glasses, believing that all is wonderful and good.

If others want to tear me to pieces for finding a slice of heaven every day no matter what, then I've decided that is their problem and not mine. I can't please 100% of the people 100% of the time (but it seems I sure know how to make some plenty mad!)

This is not my intention so I seem perpetually bewildered. I have to just let go of the stress and stop being the ricocheting pinball in someone else's crazy game.

I am not perfect and for those that want to attack me for being less that perfect, maybe they should be poking their nose back into their own affairs and leave mine alone. They aren't perfect either (and apparently they don't know that.)

Life is goof!

I want to study the rainbow, dream on the waves, rock away pain, focus on all that is good. I woke up alive and that completes my bucket list. I am super excited about this major accomplishment!

The rest of the day promises to be a wild and happy undiscovered adventure.

If you want to see a beautiful sunrise, you have to get up early...

There are a handful of super wonderful angels in my life. I need to focus on being super grateful for being so lucky. Thank you thank you thank you. I feel so blessed. Thank you again and again.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I plan to smile and ride off into the sunset on my unicorn.


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  1. Some people aren't happy unless they're miserable and making others miserable.These people see no pleasure and wonder in lifes little things.Keep on truckin' Miss Mermaid!

  2. My favorite unicorn story is about a book by Anne McCaffrey. She wanted to title it "Get of the Unicorn", meaning like "Children of...". But her publisher thought she had made a typo, and so the book came out as "Get Off the Unicorn".

  3. there are a lot of "grumpy old people". avoid them like the plague. i'm self employed. this may sound odd but i don't work for you if i don't like you. my life has improved exponentially since.

    i have more work than i can do, so i'm surrounded by happy people. happy happy happy. it's infectious. i avoid stores that have gop employes. i could see how rv parks could be stressful. i don't care for drama. period.

    hope it all works out. you seem to figure it out

    ice cream. raz

  4. Sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday. And to heck with the snobs if they don't like what you have to say they shouldn't stop here. :)

  5. I love the wonderful comments, you cheered me up! Thank you!

  6. Haters gonna hate. Can dedicate this song to all your haters out there. (Taylor Swift's Shake it Off)

    Have a good weekend! -PP


Life is goof!