Saturday, May 20, 2017

Froggy Gone Camping

Another stowaway!

Frogs like to find me and stow away with me for the ride. This has happened for years. I have started collecting pictures of froggy whenever he/she turns up. Now I just need to tag and find them all. But here are a few for starters.

Sometimes by the time I go grab the camera, froggy is hiding again. I find froggy inside and outside.

TO make matters a bit more complex is that someone near and dear to me who is now deceased, had a froggy collection. Every time I see a forggy traveling with me, I think of her and wonder if she had come back as a froggy to ride around with me. She always had a yin for travel but never got to go near the places she wanted to. She was taken from earth way too soon and that is just how it goes sometimes.

She explained (before her death) that she never was interested in collecting frogs. Her froggy collection was a big accident. She really wasn't the collecting type at all. But she was a gracious lady, very generous in her community and the type to never ever want to offend or hurt a friend, even when they gave her a porcelain frog. I should say she just wasn't the bric-a-brac type.

But one day someone gave her a porcelain frog that could sit on the edge of something. She thanked them for the gift and sat him on a window ledge above her kitchen sink. She could look out the window while washing dishes or look at the silly porcelain frog. It should be noted her dining table was adjacent to her kitchen and that is where she most often visited with her friends. They had a clear view of her kitchen and the kitchen window.

She was always feeding her company or offering them icy cold drinks or steamy hot coffee. Yepper, a southern gal transplanted from Connecticut around age 7 she embraced the south and the penchant southerners have to feed and drink anyone that darkens their door. If you visit a southerner and refuse their drink or food you might come close to darn well insulting them!

Friends saw her lonely froggy sitting on the window sill. Over the next few years, people began giving her frog gifts! From coffee mugs to figurines to hand towels. They all came with a froggy.

More frogs beget more frog gifts and suddenly she had this massive froggy collection yet she never spent one penny on one frog.

Well, here's toast to my dear departed loved one "Beware of the crazy frog lady!"

Even though she was an accidentally collector, this frog mug would have made her laugh!

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