Friday, May 26, 2017

They Missed Me!

I sure showed them. They missed me after all!

Tomorrow is $5 coupon day at Dollar General. Spend $25, get $5 off. If you need food and general household supplies, enjoy this 20%  break. In my opinion it's one of the best deals around. Dollar General are small stores cram packed with useful goodies. Typically the cashier line is swift moving, fast in, fast out.

Even in my RV, I can usually find parking on the side of their buiding where they get truck deliveries. I can go back there, turn around and park heading out again  in spots most folks don't want because they are too far from the door. It seems everyone wants up front parking, heaven forbid they should walk. Save that for the air conditioned gym!

Sometimes I am in bicycling distance. It's an old funny joke to me and the dog. Many Dollar General stores are out in the country where there is no other shopping. Typically I will pass one on my way to a far flung campground. This is super handy because you can pick up whatever you need in food and supplies. They even carry camping supplies.

When I am lost and see a Dollar General, I say "Well the campground must be nearby cause there is a Dollar General in the middle of nowhere!" And usually we find it. The campground that is.

Sometimes I have 2 coupons, one digital one and one paper one. in that case, I can give one away if someone wants to go shopping with me and save themselves $5.

Well, a few months ago, Dollar General stopped offering these $5 coupons. I used to think, they are going to miss me so badly! yes, there prices are good otherwise, cheaper than Walmart and certainly a lot less hassle getting in and out in a hurry. But still, I always waited until $5 day to go to Dollar General, trying to be super friendly to my shrinking budget.

So in a nutshell, I have darkened their door in quite awhile since they stopped the $5 coupons.

Well *ahem* I guess they do miss me! Recently they started up the $5 coupons again. See?  A little boycotting goes a long way...

(Yeah, little old me, here to save the world!)

Sometimes you get the coupon at the bottom of the receipt, like last week I used a $5 coupon and the receipt had another one for 2 weeks later. Otherwise you techno spiffy folks can go to their website with your phone and get the coupons.

At checkout, you enter your phone number and your coupons kick in.

Of course, Amazon, my favorite mail order site also has coupons! Click here to see their coupons you can use online for ordering the things you need or want.

froggy gone camping
 I don't know how or why a lucky froggy seems to be living with me all the time. It's always a different frog too. How does that work? I heard a thwap thwack thwap thwack and there outside, stuck to my window was a lucky froggy again.

That green thing is a pool noodle that I cut up to place on my ladder in back of the motorhome. I had a chair riding back there and didn't want it banging the ladder.
frog with dear miss mermaid
Life is goof!

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Life is goof!