Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Swallowed What?

I like to be outside and attempt to get things done before sticky humid heat sets in.

Apparently I am often rewarded with bug protein at this new campground. These suicidal bugs that dive into my coffee or water then mask themselves invisibly until I take a great big gulp.

So that is why I am washing my ancient laptop computer screen and keyboard.

To get the splattered coffee off of it.

Nothing like a bug tickling your throat to cause an unintentional reaction.

Now I am trying to remember to keep drinks covered up when outdoors. As if my tiny brain didn't already have enough to remember.

Camping is so much fun.

Most dogs ride in a vehicle with their head and tongue hanging out the window.

Not my pooch. He looks so stoic on the bicycle or in a car or RV riding with his head out. He keeps his mouth firmly closed.

Long ago, he swallowed a bug the first or second time he tried to stick his head out in the wind while riding. Yanking his head back inside, he coughed and hacked and looked oh so worried and scared.

Since then he keeps his mouth closed when he sticks his head out the window or on the bicycle. Once in a blue moon, I catch a picture of him with his mouth open and tongue hanging out. He looks so cute like he is smiling.

Today he looked at me deeply concerned as I coughed, hacked and splattered coffee because I swallowed a bug unexpectedly.

He had that look in his eye. "Uh huh, been there, done that, got the Tshirt..."

Life is goof.


  1. He looks like he is ready to give driving instructions....if needed.Serious little doggy!

  2. Oh how I wish I could live the life you live.Guess that's why I have been reading this blog for the last 9 years.Maybe longer.I read it when you were still in the BVI.Every day just sounds like an adventure.


Life is goof!