Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It Only Takes One

Above normal hurricane season?

Gert wrote the article below.
He owns StormCarib.com where Dear Miss Mermaid volunteered as a Caribbean Weather Correspondent from 1994 to 2010 and then some...

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center issued its hurricane forecast for the season. They say that it is most likely to be an above-normal season. However, when I look at their plots (see the media release) I don't see it that way.

It shows that there is only a 45% chance of an above-normal season but a 55% chance of a near-normal or below-normal season. They also predict that there is a 70% chance of 11 to 17 named storms, of which 5-9 could become a hurricane and 2-4 a major hurricane. Since 12, 6, 3, resp. is normal, that would indeed indicate an above normal season. A bit confusing...

It will depend if (and how strong) an El Nino will be forming. El Nino conditions means below normal seasons. Also, NOAA indicates above average sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic, while the people at Colorado State noted below average in April. Currently it is actually a bit above normal (see for example here). In any case, like we always say, we will have to be prepared regardless, it only takes one! -Gert

Gert is so right, it only takes one hurricane to catch you unprepared and your life can suddenly be a train wreck. 

In the days I went through hurricanes (and other disasters) we didn't have ready made kits available such as this one:

ack includes sufficient lifesaving supplies and more for family of four. Also includes: 4 survival blankets, 4 ponchos, first aid kit (107 pieces), leather work gloves, 4 goggles, 4 Noish N-95 dust masks, multifunctional tool with pliers, 12-hour emergency snap lights, emergency whistle, emergency communication plan, duct tape - 10 yards, and bio hazard bags. Be prepared for anything with Ready America's 3-day Deluxe Emergency Kit. Unique to the kit are an Emergency Power Station, 10 yards of duct tape and multifunction pocket tool with pliers.
Be prepared for at least the first 72 hours after a disaster, Ready America has developed this 4-Person Deluxe Emergency Kit. Survival experts have included all the life-saving supplies that a family of four would need for those critical 3 days, in one convenient grab-and-go backpack.

The 4-Person Deluxe Emergency Kit includes food, water, Duct Tape, a Multi-Function Pocket Tool, and a 4-function, hand-crank Emergency Power Station. The Power Station produces either 30 minutes of bright light, 2 minutes of talk time on a cell phone, or 15 minutes of radio from one minute of cranking.

So get cranking! Keep one in your home, office, or car. Click here for more details and pricing.

This kit seems to have it all except the quintessential Caribbean hurricane supply; RUM!

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  1. prayers are answered. i know because i pray daily that we will not have a hurricane. we have not had one in recorded history. i live in indiana. so prayers are answered. stay outta trees.

    ice cream. raz


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