Saturday, May 27, 2017


Almost every morning this bird drops by for a visit. By the time I flail around, find my camera, steady my hand, turn it on, get it in focus and click the shutter, she flies away. I end up with a picture of an invisible bird.

Try, try and try again.

The bird and I have played this hilarious game every morning for a few weeks now. She sits there and stares at me, I try to photograph her and she flies away a nanosecond before the shutter clicks open.

Try, try and try again.

Today, I managed to actually sneak up on the bird and snap several pictures with my camera.

I know most folks reading this have cell phones that take outstanding pictures and your phone is often right there with you. I am a tad envious, but I forget to carry my phone around. It doesn't really do much but occasionally ring with a live caller. Sometimes I get a text and I usually reply back with yes, no or call. It takes me about 5 minutes to figure out how to text one word, so I don't find it very efficient.

My budget is such I have an old flip phone that takes teeny tiny pictures smaller than a postage stamp. I have NO idea why they included this ridiculous feature on my phone. Below is the size of the phone picture after enlarging it.

I have figured out how to disguise myself to sneak up on wildlife and take pictures.

dear miss mermaid self protrait

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  1. Good disguise! The bird probably thought you were a harmless yeti.


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