Sunday, May 15, 2011


If I were supplying pictures for a dictionary, I would pair this one with "bucolic". 

This was taken at  Poplar Springs Recreation Area on Hartwell Lake in Georgia.

This box turtle, with a shell about 9 inches long,  came out of the forest, then started heading down my driveway at my campground for one.  I usually don't interfere with wildlife, but this fellow was headed for trouble.  

It worried me. 

Beyond the driveway is the road and the large parking lot for the boat ramp. Both can be pretty busy at times with people focusing on their own quests, rapidly maneuvering heavy trucks and boat trailers,  in their pursuit of happiness. They surely aren't creeping around at 2 miles per hour, avoiding little box turtles.   

I could just imagine terrible images of a crushed flattened box turtle, if he continued on his course. At first I tried my best not to annoy him while I snapped a few pictures. Then I slowly approached him, encouraging him to turn around.  It worked!  

He headed right back into the forest, where surely life is safer for a little box turtle. Look how nature designed him to blend in, right where he belongs. 

I have no idea what these are. I found them in the picnic area, placed them on a table and snapped their pics. Whether pods from trees or egg shells, I've no clue. There is just so much I want to know!  I wish I could just study and research all day long.

My friend, who is 50-ish, is back in college. He has no idea how much I envy him.  Yet he claims to envy me and my mini-motorhome. But I think of his great big house and him studying for college everyday.  Me thinks he is just being polite to say he envies my lifestyle. 

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