Monday, May 16, 2011


Poplar Springs Recreation Area Gumlog Georgia by Dear Miss Mermaid

This is the shortcut path to my wheel estate at our workamping spot in Georgia. It's also where we were hiking a few weeks back at midnight when something snarled at us, sending me and puppy (who wanted to bark his silly head off and confront IT) leaping for the motorhome entrance. 

We've stopped hiking at midnight, for the time being. Matter of fact, we've stopped hiking at all after dark-thirty. 

I woke up to 55F degrees this morning, last night it was much cooler.  In the middle of May!  I do declare. I think that earthquake in Japan turned us on our axis or something to change out the weather. It's supposed to get up to a sweltering 64F degrees today. I am bundled up in long black leggings, and a heavy purple sweater.  I'm still c-c-c-cold.  I'm going to resurrect the little electric heater and put it back in use, my feet just can't seem to thaw out. 

The dog woke up shivering, so he is now dressed in his black and white houndstooth sweater. We went on a brief walk, mainly to retrieve all his toys he has thrown down the hill. 

The rest of the week will be cool to chilly spring weather, but the weekend promises to bring on summery temperatures at Hartwell Lake.  The overcast skies have now pulled the plug on that bathtub in the sky. 

Now puppy dog and I are both hungry, trying to contemplate what to cook. I'm out of all my homemade fast food. Actually, I typically spend one or two days a week cooking up a pile of assorted healthy dishes.  Once they cool down, then I store them in the fridge. When I am hungry, I can load up a plate with assorted treats, then shove it in the microwave.  My own version of fast food. The big difference being,  it's healthy recipes, not chemical and sugar laden drive-through junk. 

While all this takes time, if you had a choice in life to spend your time cooking or spend it at the doctor's office and pharmacy lines, which would you choose?  

All is not perfect with me, far from it. Right when I think I am getting stronger, better, healthier,  something knocks me back down, to put me in my place. 

A big THANK YOU to all my gentle readers who wrote inquiring about my health and lack of recent posts.  In spite of everything I am doing to get well, and stay well, I apparently had a relapse. 

Oh well!  Dog poop happens...

I thought it was only one day I spent in bed with a hot fever that made me feel like I was living in a delirious dream world. But when I felt better, my computer calendar informed me it was 4 days later. WOW!  That was one heck of a long dream!

Somehow I managed to stumble outside with the puppy a few times a day, he still needs to visit that great big outhouse in the woods, no matter how I feel. The rest of the time, he was content to stay by my side in bed, sometimes waking me up because he was licking the sweat off my face. The fever dehydrated me quickly, it seemed I was continually thirsty. 

Even though I feel positively drained, I am trying to push myself to get up at dawn, plowing through each glorious day. I am just so super lucky to have shelter, clothing and food. That's all we really ever need.  And companionship.  The rest is superfluous. 

I think of it as the 4-C's;  
Cover, clothing, cuisine and companionship. 

If you can have the four basics in life, then you are filthy rich and faring far better than many folks who struggle and juggle to barely keep their own basics together, often losing out on one or more. 

honeysuckle photo copyright by Dear Miss Mermaid

Despite the huge advances in modern technology, they still haven't come up with a way to send out the wonderful smells of nature through the internet paths.  I wish so much I could share with your the heavenly odors of the honeysuckle vines that seem to be everywhere on my walks. I've even taken time to stop, break open the stem, to taste the sweet nectar. 

It brings back nostalgia, taking me back decades, faraway, to a time when I was a small child. The playground at school had one fence that every spring shouldered the weight of thousands of honeysuckle flowers. I recollect spending an entire recess on many days, just breaking the flower stems to briefly taste the exquisite treat of nectar. In my mind, those were the sweetest honeysuckles I have ever come across. 

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