Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alternative Sightseeing

A friend of mine  calls my dog "monkey on a string".  He can often be a circus act of one!

Where I grew up Ringling Brothers used to bring the circus to town once a year. Besides the actual circus shows, we were also treated to a parade right through downtown including all the massive elephants that methodically ambled down the road, all decorated in their finery.  Since the parade happened nearby where I was attending school one year, we were given strict instructions about our behavior, then allowed to go on a "field trip" to see the parade. We did that by foot of course, but we had to walk nice and neat in a single-file line until we got to the designated spot for watching this awesome show in the middle of the day. 

Besides sightseeing in your motorhome, you can take advantage of online ticket sales, to buy tickets in advance for events in areas you plan to travel such as Ringling Brothers Circus ticketsLady Antebellum TicketsBrad Paisley TicketsGlee Live tickets and Taylor Swift Tickets, just to name a few of the upcoming shows that might be in an area you plan to be in. 

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