Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fun At The Boat Ramp

I am a workamper with my mini-motorhome. Workamping means I (and the Bark Ranger) volunteer for the government and they provide us camping for the wheel estate,  with electric, water, sewer and a few other little perks. I live across from the boat ramp in a park on Hartwell Lake with picnic and swimming areas. It's been rather busy lately. 

First we had a boat fire, right at the boat ramp. These guys were trying to launch their boat. They started up the engine, it was a little smoky then suddenly it was smoldering. 
 Oh the joys of boating!  
Now it was positively fuming. You might have noticed these trees between me and them. That is because I didn't want to get close at all. Matter of fact, I was up the hill a few hundred yards away.  I have no idea how much gasoline he has onboard.  I just wasn't in the mood to be blown up. 

Some adventures, I just have to pass on. 
Finally they pulled the boat back out of the water, but it was still on fire.  There is a guy down below, fighting the fire inside the boat. I didn't call the fire department,  because when the fire first started, I could see one of the guys (with my binoculars) talking on his cell phone. Incredibly, I guess he wasn't calling the fire department after all.  

Now I feel like an idiot. You should ALWAYS call the fire department no matter how small the boat fire is. In this case, they were launching the boat to go boating.  Gasoline is much cheaper at the roadside gas stations than at the marina pumps, so it stands to reason, he probably had a full tank of gas on board. 

Most boats are fiberglass, which softens and then melts. That happened between 1500F and 2,000F degrees. Wood of course catches fire at a much lower temperature. 

Anyhow, they did get the fire extinguished, but I am a bit shocked they didn't call the fire department. Next time I will call, I won't assume the person on the boat with the fire, talking on the phone, is calling them. Which makes me wonder, WHO was he calling?

"Hey honey!  Can you bring down some marshmellows?"

Next, some men showed up to launch a bridge off the boat ramp. The black box on the far right, is a big float holding up the end of the bridge. The black boxes on the truck are floats, that will be attached to the other end of the bridge.  My camera battery died, so I didn't get to photograph the bridge finally floating in the lake. 

Is anyone missing their furniture?  

This moving truck was transferring all the furniture from the big truck to a smaller rental truck.  It took them several  loads to empty out the big truck.  

At a boat ramp.

The little truck would vanish from the park, then come back rather quickly for another load. Or maybe they were using more than one small rental truck to empty it out. I was amazed at how fast they were moving. 

I just hope it was all going to the correct owner. The boat ramp seems like a really strange place to empty out a big moving truck. 

Then some folks showed up past midnight, screaming with drunken delight.  Sadly, the next morning, I saw they had trashed the parking lot with a wild assortment of gear, such as clothes, towels, assorted fast food garbage, CD's, magazines, a variety of coffee cups, beer bottles, drinking cups, ashtray contents, heavy plastic food containers, a debit card, pens, note paper, and their opened mail. It was as if they were living in their car and it exploded in the parking lot. 

Last week I was a tad bored here, this week I am thoroughly entertained. 


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  1. Wow, that's how it will look if the Duck ever blows up. Kibble, 14 books I've started reading, chocolate wrappers, three pencils, potato forks, 87 pounds of dirty laundry and one Birkenstock. I have two feet, but this is an explosion we're talking about.



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