Monday, May 02, 2011

Don't Forget

Mother's Day is this Sunday. 

I truly miss my mother each and every day. She is deceased, so sad to say.

The world is so big. But  I am so small. 

My mother taught me a wealth of information including how to do numerous useful things. She wanted to make sure I had loads of great experiences when I was young. Best of all, she taught me to have a lifelong love and respect for books.

She was convinced anyone could learn anything from books. 

It was because of her, that I was crazy enough to buy a hurricane ravaged sailboat, mailorder a bunch of how-to books, then rebuild it to like-new condition.  She sent me a drill as a "boat warming" present. 

I cried when I opened it, because she had also given me a drill when I bought a home, years earlier. When I sold that home, to go sailing, books were shelved, stacked and stored in every room of the house. Even the hallway and bathroom had book shelves. I was a serious book-o-holic. 

My friends carted off books on a variety of subjects, still there were books everywhere. Finally I called the prison.  I offered to donate the remaining books if they wouldn't censor them. I figured a lot of people in prison wind of there often for lack of a education. Others do have an education, but find themselves going crazy with few intellectual outlets. Maybe books would help. I still remember many of the books, wishing I had them now to paw through. I did get a really nice letter from the prison, thanking me for the 3,189 books.  

A former client of mine, had served time in prison for leaving the country with his daughter. He knew his wife was going to spirit her away where he couldn't see her, out of sheer spite in their messy divorce. He knew it would break his heart.  So he moved to another continent, taking his precious child with him. Years later, he ended up in prison over his decision. When he was transferred to a halfway house, I went to see him. I took him luggage  because he had joked about how when you leave prison, they give you a garbage bag to pack your stuff in. He said he had read every book in the library's prison, was starting to read some again twice, when they finally released him. 

Wild Flowers I Saw Today

My last book, Hurricanes and Hangovers, is dedicated in loving memory to  four people, who now rest in peace. My mother is  listed first, for teaching me to read. 

How I wish she could be here now. She worked with me on my first book; a cookbook no longer in print, "Fine Fare With Flair".  She was immensely proud of me.  Oh how I miss her so much. 

Don't Forget...

Mother's Day is next Sunday!  If you haven't sent your mother something nice already, you can do so with Amazon, they have lots of gifts that can be delivered quickly, complete with a card and gift wrapping. 

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