Thursday, May 05, 2011

Smoke and Love On The Water

My little hound is wearing his houndstooth sweater over his T-shirt because temperatures in Georgia at Hartwell Lake, plummeted to 42F degrees this morning. There was smoke on the water. Never seen that here before until now. Frankly I was too cold, too lazy, too sleepy, to go out and photograph the smoke on the water. 

Smoke on the water, besides being a famous song by Deep Purple, can occur when the air temperature is cooler than the water temperature. It's eerily fascinating. I found myself staring at it for a long time, while utilizing the heater to warm up my c-c-cold tail. 

I promise you, I will photograph it next time. It's a rare event for Hartwell Lake. I loved seeing it for my own eyes, I am sorry, I have nothing to share with you on this. I was c-c-c-cold and in a fog of my own this morning. 

I hope the sweater disguises him as a non-treat for the wild coyote running amuck around here. (See Wild Life Getting Wilder Around Here).  I no longer walk him on the retractable leash with the flimsy string, I am using one now that is very sturdy, matter of fact, it is rated for a 100 pound dog. 

Because of the coyote, and whatever IT was that snarled at us the other night, (See Mountain Lion Again?) I don't let my precious puppy out of my sight. We, for the time being, have suspended all walks after dark. I only let Harley play in the yard outside, when I am out there too, often I am working on the patio, so I can keep a good eye on him. I sure don't want him to come up missing a leg!

The two deer, running for their lives, with the coyote in hot pursuit went that-a-ways. Those little posts, are my electric and water hookups. The third one is an unused phone cable box. 

This picture, taken this morning,  from my desk in the mini-motorhome, shows the same tree (as above), and my clear view of the wild action outside last evening. 
I was so excited about the coyote chasing deer last evening, that I forgot all about sharing with you, yet another funny tale from the lake. 

Yesterday afternoon, Harley dog and I were out walking as quietly as we could in hopes we might catch some photos of those elusive deer.

This was before we knew there was a coyote looking for them too. 

Above is the view of the public picnic area, overlooking Hartwell Lake. Those picnic tables are made of rock infused concrete, circa 1960.  The area is down a lonely road with parking at the end of the road, well above the picnic area. 

Two cars were in the parking lot, parked side by side, both of them backed in neatly. I could see a couple down at one of the picnic tables. 

I was standing there thinking...


That guy with no shirt, is just covered in sweat!  There he is,  just pushing and shoving frantically at that concrete picnic table, like he is trying to move it, but it must be awfully heavy, with that naked lady on top of it too. 

Oh wait.  

They aren't trying to move the table... they are... OH MY GOSH!    

About the time the blush hit my cheeks, Harley, who was watching them too, began furiously wagging his tail in delight. 

Now if you had your choice of making love on a hard concrete table in public or making love in the privacy of the woods on the nice soft ground, which would you choose?

Well, Harley and I were walking so quietly, the couple making love on the concrete picnic table,   in the middle of the afternoon, never heard us arrive! 

Of course I'm just showing you a picture of the picnic table after they left. I sure can't post a picture here of them doing the dirty deed in public. 

Besides I didn't take a picture of them. 

Or maybe I did!

I'm not saying and neither is Harley.

But I did think it was hilarious they chose a concrete picnic table as a "bed".  I suspect they figured they would hear a car arriving in the parking lot, but perhaps they weren't expecting a mermaid and a puppy, tiptoeing around looking for deer, looking for Big Foot, looking for mountain lions, looking for bear, looking for coyotes, looking for turtles...

Harley is posing on his favorite puppy blanket. I found it for $1 in a car washing section of a discount store.  It's super soft and fuzzy.  Since he lounges in this area often, which is the back of the driver's seat, which butts up against the back of the dining booth, I figured it was a good spot for his soft blankie. I had just laundered it for him. He was so worried, when he saw his blankie go in the machine.  The next morning, after it had dried overnight, he was tremendously relieved to have it back in his favorite place. 

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  1. That is soooo funny! I can just see you doing a double take when you realized he wasn't trying to move the concrete table, he was trying to make the earth move.


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