Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wild Life Getting Wilder Around Here

Things just keep getting wilder around here. 

Today it was my jaw dropping in wonder. 

It was unseasonably cool today. Matter of fact I was freezing after I got out of my warm heated bed.  I went to look at the thermometer and it was 50F degrees. In May. In Georgia. In the foothills. I am barely 700 feet, if that much, above sea level. Brrrrrrr...  It's not like I'm in the mountains. 

My mermaid blood is so thin, I was c-c-c-cold. Yeah, I know you northerners are snickering at me. Probably calling me names for being such a big sissy. 

Anyhow, I had a busy day ahead of me, so I bundled up, turned on the heat, made some coffee while the puppy blissfully slept another 2 hours, in a tight little furry ball, ensconced in his fleece lined cat bed (which is also heated by my mattress warmer).  

Yeah we are both big sissies when it comes to c-c-cold weather. Let the temperature drop below 70F and we are turning that mattress warmer on already. 

It did finally warm up some today, for us to spend a few short hours outdoors, then in the late afternoon, we moved back inside, because the brisk winds were rather nippy. 

I've written before about the crashing limbs, the heavy footfalls,  we hear in the forest at night, making me wonder if Big Foot is out there or what. Then that night we were foolishly out walking at midnight, when IT snarled at us. I thought IT was a mountain lion or a bobcat. Or maybe Big Foot making fun with us. 

Also, the deer, I keep trying to photograph, that run right off as soon as I lift my camera. So I have numerous pictures of no deer. 

The next few days, I began tracking tracks, taking photos, then I ran into the big mama turtle laying eggs that I wrote about recently. 

When I am out hiking now, and I hear something in the bush, I start snapping pictures, in case later, when pouring over them, I have actually caught "the beast" in a photo. Well, I do have one suspicious photo. There is something in the bush, but it's so far away, all I can make out is a black nose and one eye. The whole face appears black and triangular. But it's suspect. 

One day recently, we found a semi fresh leg. Some sort of animal leg. I looked all around for the rest of the body with no luck. I suspect IT ate the rest of whatever was attached to the leg. While photographing the leg, it occurred to me it was the same size as Harley's leg. 

That sent a cold shiver down my spine. Matter of fact, I photographed the two legs together, though Harley didn't seem to appreciate this at all.  Harley wanted nothing to do with the leg.

In the photo below, Harley's rear leg is standing up, the found leg is laying down on a concrete post, so the legs are 90 degrees apart in angle.   That turned out to be a bad background for doing this comparison, but Harley wanted far away from this scene, so I didn't do anymore pictures. 

Can't say I blame Harley. Now he loved his ham bone he received as a treat recently. But this leg, seemed to give him the creeps as much as me. It's not a cat leg, wrong type of claws. It might be a little dog leg!  Or a very BIG squirrel leg. Or  something else. 

Somebody around here is definitely missing a leg!

So late this evening, it was still rather bright outside, I am sitting at my desk by a big open window in the motorhome. Suddenly I hear that familiar crashing through the woods, of something running nearby. 

I looked out my window, staring at the forest listening to branches breaking, twigs snapping, a small thunder of footfalls,  as if Big Foot is going to come jogging up at any moment. I was frozen in time, not scared, but thoroughly bewildered.  

This is the first time I've heard the loud crashing through the woods in daylight.  Was Big Foot getting bolder?  

The noises were getting closer and closer and closer...

There is a small clearing about 8-10 feet wide between the driver's side of my motorhome and the forest. 

Suddenly  about 20-25 feet away, just inside the thick trees of the forest, two large white tailed deer go flying by, making these mammoth leaps as if they are trying to fly like Santa's reindeer!

For a very brief moment I thought it was an odd thing to do, because they were headed straight for the overgrown bush area.  It seemed like a strange place to be practicing reindeer flying. 

But fast on their heals, here comes a coyote with a big thick bushy tail, pointed out behind him,  running with all his might!   My jaw fell open, as I stared in shock and disbelief. 

It's not Big Foot at all. It's a fight for life or death. 

I think it took me  a few more minutes to tear my eyes from the window, and check the time, which was 8:04pm. 

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  1. Wow! What an amazing (and scary) sight to see. We've seen coyotes often in the woods and deer of course and of course we know about the food chain and all that, but we've never seen it in action like that. Amazing spot you have there.


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