Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Funny Stuff At The Boat Ramp

I went wading in Hartwell Lake. It was on the chilly side, but my feet felt heavenly in the nice cool waters. A neighbor that stopped by to chat,  told me I have a million dollar camp site. 

Wow!  No wonder they make me work so hard to live here.  But I have no complaints. Life is Good. 

And it just got funnier...

Parts of the south are famous for their red mud.
I took this picture while wading. I wear my camera on a lanyard around my neck, because my puppy on a leash, is so active.  People give me double-takes. 
OK, here's today's funny.  I hope you enjoy!  

I was up on the hill, at the camp site, working at my outdoor desk, when the following took place last weekend:

Mid morning, a family shows up in their SUV, towing a boat on a trailer. Mom, dad, son, daughter. They back down the boat launch ramp, submerging their trailer in preparation of launching the boat. All four get out of the SUV.

I can hear the father barking instructions. But mom has a cell phone glued to her ear, son has earplugs attached to a music or game player he is fiddling with in his hands, and the daughter is frantically texting on a phone with both hands. 

Father climbs up on the tongue of the trailer, apparently releasing the boat, while barking more instructions at his tuned out family. 

He gets back in the driver's seat of the SUV.  The family is standing on the boat ramp, still engaged with their electronics. Dad pulls the empty trailer out of the water, with the SUV,  then swings through the parking lot, finds a spot then parks. 

Walking back down the hill, I hear him screaming at his family, so I look up from my work. 

There is the empty  boat, just drifting down the lake, not a soul on board, while his family is totally distracted, not paying the least bit of attention to anything but their various electronic activities.  

Now dad is shouting, throwing up his hands, pointing at the boat, while alternately shaking his finger at his family. 

Suddenly mom finishes her cell phone call, the son unplugs his ear phones and the daughter looks up from her  texting, her jaw hanging down in wonder. I can hear a few minutes of heated discussion. Every one seems to be talking at once. Finally the father kicks off his shoes, rips off his socks, then tugs his T-shirt angrily off, flinging it down in the parking lot.  He wades down the boat ramp, swimming after the errant boat.  

He gets on board, starts the engine, driving over to the floating courtesy dock.  It is connected by a long floating bridge back to the shoreline. 

Incredibly, his family is still standing at the launch area, looking bewildered. He shouts at them. They suddenly speed walk across the bridge, down to the dock, then climb aboard. 

The boat roars out of the cove.

There on the launch ramp, is his nice dry T-shirt crumpled up, next to his shoes and socks. 

I am so glad they couldn't hear me from my perch on the hill. I was  heaving in sheer laughter, my ribs aching, the whole scenario just seemed like a live comedy unfolding before my very eyes. 

Now my cell phone is ringing. I answer it, still giggling. My friend has called who lives about 70 miles away. Of all the people to call, it's my friend who owns a boat he keeps on a trailer.  

He and his wife take it to various lakes, including this one. 

He wants to know what's so funny. 

Between guffaws, giggles and snickers, I managed to relate the entire scene back to him. Now he is roaring in laughter.  My eyes are running, my ribs are aching, I am literally gasping for breath between endless giggles. 

I hear his wife in the background saying something, so my friend starts telling his wife the story, I can hear her shrieking with laughter. My friend is  laughing long and loud into the phone, I can't stop giggling, and I can't even talk, because I am practically breathless. Finally he gasps between uproars, "We'll call you later." I think I barely managed to utter "OK" between my own insane laughter. 

I am not sure which was funnier, the events at the boat ramp, or the ridiculous phone call, afterwards.  

The rest of the afternoon,  I would randomly burst into laughter. 

I couldn't help myself!  

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