Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Never Mind

The calm before the storm.  The Psalm before the morn. 
I snapped this picture, then before puppy and I could get home, the heavens opened up.  I couldn't tell if it was raining cats and dogs or  draining bats and hogs. 

We ran for cover under the trees, noticing  snail tracks had left  the ants,  trail snacks. 

I slipped on the muddy path, injuring my tail bone. What a shame too, as my RV has cabinets made of oak  with brass hardware that I wanted to clean today. 

I guess I'll be polishing oak and brass with broken ass.

The phone rang. I was offered a sales job with a company that sells to repairmen  but I have to wear really tight uniform shirts if I take the job. 

They want me to sell tool kits with my cool tits. 

Lunch with the band was  so awful today, we sang sad ballads about bad salads. 

Maybe we'd be happier with a hot pie or a pot high. 

I've either had a frontal  lobotomy or a bottle in front of me, can't remember switch.  

But I've noticed you can observe a lot, just by watching. 

I'm getting tired of stupid questions that I can't answer.  It's deja vu all over again. 

I guess you heard the all female nude trapeze show was in town. I heard they do some cunning stunts with their stunning...  OH NEVER MIND...

I'm not sure if  it's the heat or humility that's dried my fame. 

A little girl brought her prized  cat to the lake today.  She had entered him in a feline show and he won a big trophy she was struggling to carry. But she dropped the trophy off the bridge by accident. 

What a catastrophe. 

Some say I'm a shining wit, others a whining sh...  OH NEVER MIND!

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