Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oaring Around

Let's go oaring around. 

Or should I say hoeing around? 

But ooops, that's not a hoe. It's a shovel. 

I really dig this. 

I lived in the Caribbean for 22 something years,  where symbol signs are not yet popular. Now I am back in the USA. So when I saw this sign at the entrance to the park where I volunteer, I thought I understood it. 
It always amused me that they wanted you to Pee In Designated Areas Only. Since they have built new public restrooms here, replacing the old outhouses, I thought they were just being super serious, that they didn't want you to Pee anywhere but the restrooms. Ooops, they don't call them restrooms anymore, they are Comfort Stations. 

I think of a Comfort Station as a place to go suck your thumb and hold your blankie. But that's my weird brain. 

Recently I pointed this sign out to my friend, saying I thought it was hilarious they want you to "Pee in Designated Areas Only".  I went on to say, that I guess they didn't want you to pee in the woods, as that must not be a designated area, when they have brand new Comfort Stations (aka Restrooms).

My friend gave me a really strange look, then burst out laughing. He claims, the P is for PARKING and not for PEEING. 


I've been giggling about this sign for two months.   The joke is on me. 

I think I feel a tad foolish now. How did I miss the P is for Parking and assume it was P is for Pee?

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