Friday, May 27, 2011


Who says scrubs are just for the Operating Room?  Now you see all sorts of medical professionals in their scrubs. Old fashioned nursing uniforms have gone out the window, though I grew up seeing an old fashioned family doctor that spent a lot of time with us when he came to visit us on house calls, or later when we went  downtown to see him in his office.

His nurses wore starched white dresses with white hose, white caps and orthopedic white shoes. They were extremely sympathetic, we felt like we were visiting a trusted relative, rather than a medical office. But out with the white and in with the colors. For a fast fun wardrobe you can try discount medical scrubs.   They even have scrub outfits for kids too. 

I've  seen many folks adopt scrubs for day wear while boating or RV-ing. They are comfy, come in assorted colors.  For women many are now tailored to actually be flattering to wear. My friend buys them for pajamas.  The really funny thing is, she and her husband wear the same size. They must look cute in their bed time attire. Of course scrubs have always come in male shapes and sizes. They even offer them in stylish colors such as black and navy blue at

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