Monday, April 01, 2013

Birthday Fun

My birthday is coming up soon.

Recently my sailing friend hopped aboard my little old motorhome with all his carpentry tools.  He was also carrying a stack of vinyl covered cushions.

I thought ut-oh...  he's been dumpster diving again.

Matter of fact, another sailor was refitting their sailboat.  They planned to toss out their cockpit cushions in favor of new ones. My friend snagged them to bring on the trip.

In my most polite voice, I tried to explain that I had no need for cockpit cushions. Sure I joke about sailing down the sea of highways and byways, but seriously, where I am going to put all these cushions?

He announced "For your birthday, I am going to build you that sky deck you always dreamed about on top of your motorhome.  These cushions can be used to pad out the seating."

He spent the last few days on top of my roof, banging away.  Finally he had the seats installed.

It's all rather clever the way he used hinges, so that all the seats can be folded down for traveling. Then when I am parked, I can climb up the ladder, unfold the seats and enjoy my new sky deck.

Since this is now the hit of the campground, we are asking curious visitors to buy my book "Hurricanes and Hangovers" which includes free admission to climb up and see the sky deck first hand. We also include one glass of complimentary wine or sparkling water.

If you would like to see this sky deck first hand for yourself, just click here for our current mapped out location. That's right since last year, I've been  updating my position daily on this map, so anyone can locate me.

Come enjoy the view from my new sky deck!  :)


  1. Oh April Fools yourownself! ;-)

  2. You got me Young Lady.. I love it, very creative.... LOL. Regards, from NJ


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