Monday, April 22, 2013

Lake Thurmond

Any day I wake up alive, I know it's going to be another exciting adventure on planet earth.

We finally escaped the RV hospital, my RV is feeling so much better. My friend propped me up when they handed me the final bill so I wouldn't hurt myself when I fainted at the cost. Such is life in my 18 year old RV.  I am just oh so super grateful to have this little old wheel estate to call home. 

I put another crockpot meal to cook in the sink on a rubber mat while operating off my 200 watt 12 volt to 120 inverter. I usually arrive super tired, so having dinner already made up is heaven on earth.

 We drove down country roads all afternoon to our next campground.

A whimsical mural at the International Peach Exchange in Johnston, South Carolina.

Last night I camped at Hamilton Branch state park on Lake Thurmond in South Carolina.  The campground occupies a peninsula on the 70,000 acre lake. That is the lake in the background.

Oh my gosh, the world is a beautiful place to live. This is the sunset last night on Lake Thurmond. 

The lake is low. These shells dot the red clay mud on the exposed shoreline. 

A raft of ducks occupy their own private cove on Lake Thurmond. 

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  1. Hamilton Branch is our very favorite campground. We live about 60 miles straight east in Lexington SC, and drive our Class C over there often to spend a few days with our three pugs. We were just there over Spring Break.

    Say hello to Mr. Ranger. He's only in the office from 4-5PM, but you see him all around the campground. If you want a great Mexican dinner head to Theresa's in North Augusta -- one meal will be dinner and lunch the next day.


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