Wednesday, April 24, 2013

RV Recovering Nicely

I have beautiful pictures to upload but blogger is being a pill and not accepting them. 

Finally I made it (only a week late) to my volunteer workamping on Lake Hartwell.  This is my 4th year in my rolling ranch.  It's my 3rd year at this workamping assignment. They like me, I like them, we're all happy. Yippie doodle doo!

In view of my erratic health, I will probably only be doing 5 months a year of workamping. Since this 5 month gig requires brains over brawn, it's a nice situation all around for me.  It's hard for me to stay put for 5 months, but my budget needs the break in traveling costs, so it evens out. Life is good.

This past winter I workamped at a Florida state park. I loved the place, but the hours were long, and the work was heavy duty labor most of the time.  I survived 3 months, my original promise, but *phew*  I won't be tackling that again. Very special angels helped me out with some of the tasks, I just couldn't figure out how to cram 70 hours of heavy labor into 25 hours. I felt pretty beat up, wore out and run down by the time I limped away from there. 

My body spends a lot of energy just healing, leaving me weak and confused. Ah, a little confusion is good for the soul I guess.

The past 7 weeks of travel were fun fun fun!  We traversed many storms, several campground and three states. Amazing!

Repairs and maintenance incidents were chronic. Such is the life of the gallivanting gypsy in this old rig. 

The roof sprung a leak after multiple storms.  I was not too suprised in view of the thrashing the roof took during 60mph winds in Orlando while tree branches from above flailed the roof.  Next came the hail scrubbing the mold and dirt right off.  I had been parked under oak trees for 2 months last winter, but the hail cleaned it up nicely. 

Then the poop tank came loose, the tank not the plumbing so it required structural re-engineering at the RV hospital. Of course it popped loose while nearly full of poop, giving me quite a plight, but luckily only about 2 tablespoons of sewer were spilled and that was quickly cleaned up. 

I drove ever so slowly to the dump station, praying my poop tank wouldn't fall off completely leaving a holy mess.  Campers stared as I came down the road barely moving ten feet per minute.  I smiled and waved like I was new at this, too scared to drive.  

The poop tank though cockeyed and wiggly with two of the three straps rusted apart, managed to hold on for dear life, allowing me to relieve it of all its contents. 

Thank goodness for small favors!

My gasoline hose that runs from the fill cap to the top of the gasoline tank sprung a leak awhile back. Good grief.  I've had a hard time finding anyone willing to work on it who knew what they were doing.  I was scared to death when buying gas, because it dripped so badly. I was afraid it would hit the hot muffler and KABOOM!  Bye bye mermaid and monkey dog. It only leaked when I bought gasoline, but not while parked. Sheesh. 

I managed to drive the RV enough to get the tank down to less than an eighth full, but still it was heavy when the surgeon removed it to reach the cantankerous awkwardly placed hose.  Yucky poo!

When everything was put back together, it was discovered that when the poop tank came loose, it managed to knock the plumbing out of the gray water tank too. Oh my gosh. No one had noticed this until I happened to dump a dish pan load of water down the drain after they took the RV off the ramps. 

Splat. Water dripping from underneath the rig. A new problem.

Nightmares!  Was this all a bad dream?

The RV surgeon was so ready to be done with us, but he tackled the repair on day three plus topped up my tires with his air hose. We blessed this mess.  I paid him a handsome sum for his fine services.  

He is a mobile mechanic with a shop at his remote country residence. I am sure his family was grateful when we departed, as it looked like we had moved in and settled down for a spell. Harley dog had scattered his toys around their lawn, we were eating and reading outdoors under their shade tree. I photographed some of their flowers and their lighthouse mailbox. We walked around the country neighborhood quite a few times. Even the postman was stopping by to chat us up. Then the Jehovah Witnesses showed up. Word sure gets around fast!

Finally the plumbing for both the poop tank and the gray tank were righted again.  Now I was finally able to drive safely away knowing my tanks and plumbing were all repaired and thankfully securely attached. Whoopie doodle!  

Being able to buy gas without having the fuel hose leak all over the place scaring me half to death, was a Godsend. We bought fuel in small allotments to test it repeatedly. Finally I caved in and filled up the entire tank. Wheeee!  

Nothing leaked, nothing blew up.  Life is positively grand!

We built a welcome fire for ourselves at my new old workamping site. It felt like home again. I love this shot of the jumping fire!


  1. Good News that the gas tank is fixed, and the other tanks, too. Have a good time at your summer location.

  2. Dancing flames! I'm glad you were able to get your issues fixed. I assume you have a rubber roof? When was the last time it was sealed with Dicor? That may need to be done. It's not a difficult job, but it does require someone to climb on the roof to do it.

  3. Glad to see you made it safe and sound again
    have a good summer hope to see you this fall
    if not winter in Melboure....


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