Saturday, April 13, 2013

Blown Away

The beach all washed away...

Hunting Island has an incredibly gorgeous beach at low tide. But at high tide, the wide sandy expanse seemingly disappears.

Last year a bad storm knocked a tree limb loose that tore a hole in my RV roof at Hunting Island.  I was able to make an emergency repair and continue with my camping. But  many  beach side campers fled the island after the storm because the winds and salty sea spray were more than they wanted.  We were camped further back in the jungle area, behind the tall trees, so the winds were not near as brutal.

When the worst of the rains had cleared I took the dog for a walk. Just as I reached the entrance to the beach, a man and his family came walking from the beach looking oh so sad.  I thought maybe they had just laid their beloved to rest at sea. The man said to me "Don't bother going, the storm took away the entire beach  We are going home, we came here for the beach and the storm washed it away."

I was surely puzzled, but continued down the path to the beach. When I got there, it was high tide with just a postage stamp for sand. Nearly 12 hours later, low tide revealed once again the magnificent beach.

It was then I realized the man and his family didn't understand the lay of the land, or the drastic difference in high and low tides. How sad they left.

Low tide at Hunting Island, South Carolina

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  1. I never thought about that since I know about tides. It is a pity that they didn't know that. But owie on the roof!


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